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 📚Book Review Series🤓 #1

Hello everyone!

I can’t explain the amount of books I have 📚! I have so many of them, I have to leave some books next to my bed as I have run out of space!?! I decided to pick some of my favourites and write a short review on them (no spoilers of course) 🙈 

I’ve had these in my drafts for months and never had the chance to publish them!

Today, I wanted to review..

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I don’t want to give the whole plot away for any of these books so I’ll try and keep it short📚


This book focuses on the main character called August. He was born with facial disfigurements but we don’t know what they are until we read further on in the book (he reveals more details little by little). He is finally going to start going back to school and we read about how he copes with the school environment around him!


-Some chapters are from his point of view and others are from Summer, a school friend. Via, his sister, Justin and Jack (also from school)

-lots of emotions are shown which really captivates the reader


I think anyone from the age off 11 up can read this book! The language isn’t challenging and the book is easy to understand and get a grasp of!

Rate out of 5


The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky


This book revolves around Charlie and his friend in Highschool. He is trying to deal with his friends suicide as well as anxiously joining a new school. Throughout the book he writes letters to his penpal (who he hasn’t met) and goes through series of mental breakdowns due to his troubling and dark past. We see him go through different environments and typical teenage situations and eventually enjoy his life being a teenager.


This book really outlines the life of an older teenager and the struggles that can come along. There’s everything from friendship to sexually, from sex to school. This book gvies a real in-depth image about all of these topics.


I would recommend this book to slighlt older readers, 12+

Rate out of 5

💛💛💛💛💛 (one of my favourites)

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


I’m sure most of you have either read or watched the movie, but if not, this book is about an ill girl who suffers from Cancer, called Hazel, and her love interest Augustus. Although it is a sad book it definitely highlights the romance between those two characters. It’s an addicting book (I ended up reading it in a day) which shows the life of sick teenagers and how they try and make the most out of their lives.

Emotions are clear and descriptive throughout the book. The characters make you feel sympathetic towards them as if you knew them in person. It’s a book where you can get attached easily to.


In my opinion I would recommend this book to anyone from the age of 12! 

Rate out of 5


I hope you enjoyed this post! I look forward to posting many more!🌸

Thanks for reading!


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One thought on “ 📚Book Review Series🤓 #1

  1. Congrats on your first book review! I also write book reviews, only I mostly read biographies, classics, and inspiring nonfiction.

    I really enjoy it because it allows me to learn the lessons that successful people learned the hard way, from the comfort of where ever I might be reading.

    If you are interested in the nonfiction I have been reading, or if you want to know what the benefits are from reading this genre in specific, please stop by my page. I post book reviews over biographies, classics, and inspiring nonfiction.


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