🇫🇷Basic Helpful Airport and Travel Phrases In French When You Travel Abroad✈️

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I have posted some language tips!
In my last posts about French, I ‘taught’ you how to describe your personality (the ‘Être/I am’ verb basics were included), basic greetings, how to have a basic conversation and the masculine + feminine colours (as in the colours that are le or la, not being stereotypical!) and also, formal vs Informal greetings!

Feminine colours

Masculine Colours

Describe your personality * includes the verb ‘Être/I am’

Having a basic conversation * Includes the verb ‘Aller/to go’, important words such as directions, conjunctions.

Formal vs Informal greetings* Different words and phrases are used for certain age groups

I would really recommend reading the ones with the asterisks * as I’ll be using the verbs and phrases fom those posts, in this one (I won’t re-teach an old blog post unless help is needed) 

Lets get started! 

Helpful airport phrases

Where is my suitcase?   Où est ma valise?  Oo ay ma valeez? (Pronounciation)

Ma valise = my suitcase (ma is feminine so the noun suitcase in French is feminine, this does not change if you are a male yourself. If you are a male, the noun remains female)

*I have my suitcase.   J’ai ma valise.   Jay ma valeez 

*I have my suitcase with me.   J’ai ma valise avec moi.   Jay ma valeez avek moowah
(Avec = with, moi =me)

*I don’t have my suitcase with me.  Je n’ai pas ma valise avec moi.  Je nay pah ma valeez avek moowah

*My flight/the flight.    Le/Mon vol.    Le/mon vol (sounds the way it is spelt) 

*I lost/I have lost/I am lost.   J’ai perdu    Jay perd-oo

*where is the gate?      Où est la porte?    Oo ay la port? 

(Porte= gate (for the airport) (and means door also))

*I have my (plane) tickets.      J’ai mes billets (d’avion).   Jay may bee-ay (duh avee-on)

(Billets= tickets, avion = plane)

*When does the plane leave?    L’avion part quand? Lav-ee-own par kond?

*what time does the plane leave? L’avion part à quelle heure? Lav-ee-own par a kel er?

*I have my identity card.   J’ai ma carte d’identité   jay ma cart dee-daunt-eat-ay

*I don’t have an identity card   Je n’ai pas ma carte d’identité jay nay pas ma cart dee-daunt-eat-ay

*Where is/where are the..? Où est la/le- où sont les..? Oo ay la/le…?  Oo son lays..?

(Les= plural for the)

I hope this will come in handy for you! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to learn!
Happy Sunday!💙

Thanks for reading😀


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