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🇫🇷La Journée de Citoyenneté🇫🇷 Citizenship Day🇫🇷

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday was possibly one of the most important days for a French person, la journée de Citoyenneté!

Although I live in Ireland, I have French documents and I am a French citizen, and what happens when you’re a French citizen is, when you are 16-18, you need to prove or show that you’re a French citizen and that you are for France, regardless of where you are living.

In Ireland, Dublin, they have a French lycée (a highschool for French students) and that’s where everyone who’s 16-18  had to go. 

Here is my timetable!

I had no idea who anyone was since I don’t live in Dublin, and was so amazed to see the amount of French teenagers my age in one area in Ireland🇮🇪

Although I came in knowin no-one, I met so many nice people and ended up making great friends (which I hope we will stay in contact)

Basically, the French army and Gendarmerie were going to talk to us about the army, what they do in the military, how to train etc. It was slightly boring as I have no intention to go to the army but much more interesting for others who did.

We learned about the weapons they use, how they use it, when and where.

We learned about the different types of boats, planes, submarines they use and why they use them.

We learned basically everything about the army. We had to answer questions on it and on France, and we also had the chance to ask them questions also.

I ended up meeting a girl who couldn’t speak French at all (and the entire day was in French), I felt sorry that she didn’t understand a thing😣 

Before this talk happened,

I had to show my passport and sign in. I did this again at the end of the day to get my certificate which proves I am French etc. Without this, I couldn’t work in France and noone gets a second copy so I better not lose it!

Although I felt like the day was unnecessary, I am proud to be a French citizen!!

Afterwards, I went to Dundrum, a big shopping centre in Dublin, and of course, I had to get jellybeans! What a great way to end the day😂

Thanks for reading, and Happy Sunday❤️



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