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🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday✨  I was going out for a late night drives and decided to put some of the photos together in a blog post! I wanted to capture the lighting used around different cities (some pictures might be more blurry than others due to being in a moving car, and some I took… Continue reading 🇮🇪Ireland at Night📷


😣A little rant due to a big dilemma😪

Hello everyone! I honestly didn’t feel like bothering all my friends about the same thing I usually worry about, so I thought I’d bring my thoughts to this blog😂 I’m feeling immense pressure to pick a university and for months I can’t decide between studying at the University of Groningen or NUIG in Ireland. I… Continue reading 😣A little rant due to a big dilemma😪

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☕️Great coffee shops/places to get drinks in Ireland🇮🇪

Hello everyone!!  I love spending time with friends catching up in coffee shops or even grabbing a drink and going for walks! I thought I would share with you some of the most popular and my favourite places!🤗 Gloria Jean’s is one of my favourite coffee shops, as you can see! There are so many… Continue reading ☕️Great coffee shops/places to get drinks in Ireland🇮🇪

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 📚Book Review Series🤓 #1

Hello everyone! I can’t explain the amount of books I have 📚! I have so many of them, I have to leave some books next to my bed as I have run out of space!?! I decided to pick some of my favourites and write a short review on them (no spoilers of course) 🙈 … Continue reading  📚Book Review Series🤓 #1


🇫🇷Basic Helpful Airport and Travel Phrases In French When You Travel Abroad✈️

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have posted some language tips! In my last posts about French, I ‘taught’ you how to describe your personality (the ‘Être/I am’ verb basics were included), basic greetings, how to have a basic conversation and the masculine + feminine colours (as in the colours that are… Continue reading 🇫🇷Basic Helpful Airport and Travel Phrases In French When You Travel Abroad✈️

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🇫🇷La Journée de Citoyenneté🇫🇷 Citizenship Day🇫🇷

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was possibly one of the most important days for a French person, la journée de Citoyenneté! Although I live in Ireland, I have French documents and I am a French citizen, and what happens when you’re a French citizen is, when you are 16-18, you need to prove or show that you’re… Continue reading 🇫🇷La Journée de Citoyenneté🇫🇷 Citizenship Day🇫🇷