🙋🏻Me, Myself and I🌸

🤓My Career Choices + University🤓

Hello everyone!

The pressure is on at school at the moment since I’m choosing my 20courses😣

I thought I’d share with you what my ideas were at the beginning and why and how they have changed to the decision I’m currently making🙆🏻

1: English teacher in France🇫🇷

A few years ago I wanted to teach English in France, but I changed my mind because

1: although I miss France, I’m unsure about living there again

2: and if I ended up leaving France, there was no other place I wanted to teach English

3: I wasn’t sure about teaching  overall

2: A Clinical Psychologist🔎

I wanted to be one for quite a while but after all the meetings I have had talking to actual psychologists on how to be one, it was quite complicated.

1: It’s hard to get into the course, even if you get sufficient point, not everyone can get in and is selected randomly.

2: A lot of experience is needed and I didn’t even have my work experience there.

3: It’s a long long looong road before you can become one and I’m slightly impatient 

3: A Journalist📝

I wanted to be one for so long, I still would love to work as one, as I love every aspect of the career p but changed my mind recently because they pay is too low for me to be able to live in a different country or a home of my own.

!My current decision!

I wanted a job where I could travel, earn enough money and still be creative.

So, I decided to get a Bachelor of Arts degree and study Italian, Spanish and Engkish Lit! (As you can see, I loveee languages) and I want to work as an Interpreter!🤗

I love languages, I don’t struggle learning them and I have had experience working as a translator in UL (University of Limerick)🙆🏻

Where would I study this?


Although I wanted to study abroad, I am willing to study in Ireland and save up to move to a different country🌸

It’s difficult to choose one career out of the hundreds that are there but if you’re in the same situation I am in, take your time and do lots of RESEARCH! 

Research is super important when it comes to choosing a career!

Careersportal is a great way to help you with your research! I have an acciunt and there are so many things you can do, from taking aptitude tests to career searching! Here’s the link Careers Portal
If you’re in my position also, let me know!🤓

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!


Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Insta- bel_oc3


5 thoughts on “🤓My Career Choices + University🤓

  1. When in doubt – do a BA and study a language! xD Adding Spanish and Italian to that long list of languages you know? You’re making me jealous again of your skills xD I just started doing a beginners evening course in Italian, it is a nice language 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh😂🤗 the BA is always handy! Most of my teachers at the moment have done it🤗
      Ahh you’re so lucky!😍 I can speak only the basics but I get confused with Spanish😂 I’m glad you like your Italian course!


  2. I’m only in 5th year and I am already stressing about courses and all, I want to do primary school teaching but the points are super high😵 my dream college would be NUIG though but Galway is too far away and expensive as I can live with my sister in Dublin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What city are you from?!🇮🇪🙆🏻 Dublin would be great too! You’re lucky your sister lives there!🤗 Where I live, there’s Mary I (I don’t know if you heard of it) but it’s the only other primary teaching school in Ireland🤗🙈


      1. I’m from Wexford – the sunny south east💜💛 oh yeah my sisters friend went to Mary I, I wouldn’t mind going there but it is really far away from me😥 there is not much near me really👊👊


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