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🇯🇵Japanese Favourites🌏

Hello everyone!
I’ve been obsessed with Japan lately! From one of my latest posts, I mentioned going back to HongKong and luckily we are trying to go to Japan and Korea also! This is such a dream come true😍 

Although, I haven’t been to Japan before (and these pictures have not been taken from me, for once!), I wanted to show you my Japanese favourites and what I’m looking forward to see in person🤗

🌸Cherry Blossoms🌸

Cherry blossoms are my favourite! I’ve only ever seen one in person and that was in my local park😂 This is Hirosaki Castle in Aomori, which looks beautiful 😍


I have always wanted to try mochi🍡😍 What is mochi- “Mochi is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice”, you can get different flavours such as red bean paste, strawberry, tea!
🎊 Night Markets🎐

I love how busy, colourful and lively night markets are😍

🌆Tokyo At Night🏙

 🍭 Japanese Candy 🍭 

These sweets are super cute😍😍😍

Usually I get plain Pocky at the Chinese shop whenever I go, but of course we dont have Pocky like the Japanese do😍

And these aren’t even all the flavours😍

👗Cute Outfits👗

🤓Cute Stationery😍

🏯Landmarks & attractions🏯

Shuri Castle in Okinawa

Matsumoto Jo, which is one of the oldest and most elegant castle in Japan.

The Golden Pavillion which is in Kyoto!

Disneyland Tokyo! 

Hello Kitty Café!!☕️

These are some of my Japanese favourites!!🤗 what are your thoughts on them? 
Enjoy your evening!

Thanks for reading!💋



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12 thoughts on “🇯🇵Japanese Favourites🌏

  1. I know there are at least 350 flavors of KitKat’s! and I also love Cherry Bolossom, so, I can’t wait for the Cherry Blossom festival that happens every year at a park that is close to where I live. I also love everything that is Made in Japan stationery, art, and some stuffs.


    1. You live in Japan?🤔😄 I envy you! I never tried any special flavoured kitkats😞 Japam has so many great things to offer😍 I hope to go there some day🌏 you must make a post on the festival!!🌸🤗


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