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🌸Maybelline and Rimmel London Favourites🌸

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you my Maybelline and Rimmel London Favourites🎉

I like to keep my makeup in this rose gold Rimmel makeup pouch! I was surprised to how much I could fit inside it! (Rosegold is my favourite colour!!)

As you can see I am slightlyyy in love with this powder from Rimmel London! If I could only use one makeup product for the rest of my life, this would be it! I put this ontop of my Maybelline foundation (Which I’ll talk about in a second). It has a nice smooth finish and is discrete also! It does stay on for the day but at times, especially summer, I can get oily skin, and then it doesn’t stay on as much >< nevertheless, it’s a great product! 

Peach Glow 003 is the shade I get! I have pale skin (in my opinion I do..others say I’m tanned??!!!) Personally the foundation shade is more important than the powder shade! 

Yes..just like the powder, I love this foundation by Maybelline, called ‘Dream Satin Liquid’. Sometimes I fell like this isn’t the correct shade for me.

Although this is the lightest colour, ‘Ivory’, I sometimes feel like it’s too dark and sometimes it looks fine. I always wear a minimal amount of the foundation so I don’t really understand why…anyways, it’s still a great product and feels light on your skin! It’s mot irritating either and doesn’t come off during the day! (I can actually wear white shirts whilst using this foundation!😂😂)

Last but not least, I have been using Maybelline’s concealer since I was 12 and they always seem to improve as the years go by. This is the latest concealer I have from them!

Like the foundation, this concealer is also in the shade Ivory! It stays on for the whole day and is discrete! It also brightens up the areas you put it on and makes you look more ‘awake’. I definitely recommend this product and I know A LOT of people who use this too! 

I usually purchase these in Boots or in any makeup shops in the airport (only if I’m travelling of course!)

The foundation costs around 10€

The powder around €5

And around €3 for the concealer!

Thanks for reading✨




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