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🌏Hong Kong goodies haul🇭🇰 and going back to Hong Kong?🤔

Hello everyoneeee!

I’m actually very excited to be writing this post as it’s based on TRAVEL🌏🙆🏻 I am aware it isn’t summer and this was bought at summer time, but nevertheless I’ll make a post on it as I thought you’d might like to see the bits and bobs I got!

As well as that, I’ll be having blog posts all about Hong Kong soon, as I’ll be going back to Hong Kong for a while🌏🇭🇰 (For those who don’t know I’m half Chinese💁🏻)

I’ll probably find it difficult to leave Ireland as the time difference restrains me from contacting my friends in Ireland and friends & family in France🇫🇷(half French too)

It will also be strange to know that when my parents,brother &  myself will be in Hong Kong, there will be mo more family of mine left in Ireland😂🤔 apart from my dog…it kills me that we have to leave him behind😣😣

Anyways, it will be great blogging content and I’m super excited for you too see the blog posts and I’ll be posting vlogs on YouTube!

Enough rambling! Let’s start with the haul!

These are my favourite!!! I got two cute pors of Japanese stickers (they sell a lot of Japanese products in Hong Kong and visa versa).

These are some of the stickers that are included! And I absolutely LOVE stickers! I’ll be blogging about the planner I’m working on at the moment, these stickers will definitely be included! 

These are strips of paper with pictures of the disney princesses! You can use them for art & collage (as I do), but really, you’re supposed to make shapes out of them, such as stars. It’s kind of like origami! 

I got some Disney stickers when I went to Disney Land in Hong Kong! Belle is my favourite princess👸🏻

Sorry for the low quality photo, I couldn’t take a clearer one😣 I really love the sushi stickers because they wre 3D/bubbly and are overall just plain cute!! I’m not even the biggest fan of sushi😂 🍣 

These are two cute notepads! And by the way, these are Chinese dollars, we did not spend 6 American dollars on a small notepad😂 these would be around €0.60

These are two pouches filled with stickers😍 one is hello kitty themed, and the other are The Twin Stars themed!

These are some of the stickers in the Hello Kitty pouch! Some stickers have tiny writing, narrating a small Hello Kitty story! I love the detail! 

These are some of The Twin Stars stickers! My mom lovesss these! I think they are cute and quite calming!✨

I got some hello kitty stamps and letter sets!🤗

The notepad is cute (how many times have I said this word?!😂) and is handy to bring around in your handbag! This is what the stamp looks like!
These are the letter sets!🤗

They come with cute stickers also hehehe and envelopes!💌

These are little keepsake cards that comes with envelopes and a little keepsake holder! 

The cards look like this!🌸 

This is my favourite keepsake card and holder. The pocket holder says ‘Believe in Miracles’. I love anything that is remotely related to dreams and miracles✨

Along with that I got some keyrings, little charms for devices and a little lucky cat😸  On the top left hand corner (with the white ‘rope’), is a phone keyring, and the charm has our surname ‘Chan’ on it👐🏻 (Océane is my middle name!) I also got some postcards of course and a Chinese fan!😀

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’d want me to do a post like this but on France!😀

Thanks for reading💋


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11 thoughts on “🌏Hong Kong goodies haul🇭🇰 and going back to Hong Kong?🤔

  1. this post made me so nostalgic! used to get so many stickers when I went back to taiwan to visit family, especially those 3D chubby ones, was so obsessed with them, lol! Hope you had/are having a lovely time in HK ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. the bubbly stickers are the best! taiwan is great, especially love the food! I visited HK a few years ago too while I was over there, it’s such a great place, so alive and full of energy and the harbour is beautiful! Have a lovely wknd darling! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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