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💁🏻3 Easy Cute Bun Hairstyles Tutorial👸🏻

Helllooo everyone!

I’ve never done a tutorial before (well..technically I used to put up tutorials on youtube..but those videos are being removed from my past😹), anywaysss lets see how this goes😂

Christmas isn’t over yet so yes..I am still wearing my Christmas jumper😂 Anyways, make sure to brush your hair leaving no tangles! For this next hairsyle it tends to look nicer if you make your parting in the middle! But as you can see, I kept mine the way it usually is.

Yes I am aware that I look like a 12year old..as many people tell me🤔 but I assure you I’m not😂 (turning 17!!)

1: two side buns

First of all, turn your head to the side. Split your hair in two and keep one part out of the way. With the part you are using at the moment, hold it as if you’re going to make a ponytail.

Then, twist your hair until you’re no longer able to.

Then, start turning the part you have twister around and around in a circular motion ( I hope that makes sense)

Do the exact same thing on the other side of your head and it should look like this

(If you have any questions comment down below!) 
For this next hairstyle it’s basically the same thing but on a smaller scale you could say?!



For this hairstyle, split all of your hair in two parts like you did for the hairstyle above.

Once that is done, put one side of your hair out of the way and use the other side.

Collect some hair from that part (as if you were making a small pigtail) then twist until you can’t twist anymore.

Twist in a circular motion like this and then tie it with an elastic band. The small clear ones like loom bands are the best suited for this hairstyle!

Your hairstyle should look like this when you have done it on the other side!

Last but not least, the plain bun with a slight twist! (Did anyone get that pun?!)


First of all seperate the two front pieces of your hair (one part on each side) away from the rest of your hair like this.

To keep those two front strands away, I tie it up (I am aware I look ridiculous😂). Then, grap the rest of your hair and make a simple bun. If you don’t know how to make a bun, hold your hair like I am in the picture, the way you would make a ponytail. For me it’s easier to make a bun by putting my head upside down, then twisting my hair. Do whatever is best for you!

Once that’s done, it should look like this!

Then, leave those two front strands down.

The plait each one (braid).

Once that is done, bring the two strands/wrap the strands around your head and tie them together at the back then take a pin and put the ends of the plaits in place (for tidiness).

Your hairstyle should look something like this when it’s done!

I hope this tutorial was easy to understand, if not, please comment if you have any questions! 

Have fun!

Thanks for reading✨


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