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🌸Yves Rocher Favourites🌸

Hello everyone!

Yves Rocher has been one of my favourite brands for years! I find it such a shame we don’t have a shop in Ireland! Therefore, I got these products back at home in France!🤗 

This is one of my favourite Eau de Toilettes and has a sweet scent of vanilla! I like to wear this before school and put two small sprays on each side of my neck!

These are both shower gels and I absolutely ADORE the coconut and raspberry scent😍 It’s also very gentle on your skin and not a lot is needed to put on your body! 

Although I actually haven’t properly used this, I have opened it and the smell is amazing! I love the scents that the Yves Rocher products have! I can’t wait to use this!

Last but not least, this lotion is my favourite out of all their products! It makes my skin smooth and of course, it has a lovely scent! I like to put this on my legs only, after I take a bath!

If you have a Yves Rocher shop near you, I definitely recommend it!✨

Thanks for reading!




8 thoughts on “🌸Yves Rocher Favourites🌸

    1. They are great right?!😊 I think I heard a while back that there was a new shop opening in London🤔🤔 There used to be one shop in Cork (which was the only Yves Rocher shop in Ireland may I add), and L’occitane took over it😣😣😣

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      1. Last time I saw Yves Rocher was in Paris, and I went in all psyched up like I’d just bumped into an old friend. 😂 I think I frightened the girl behind the counter! I’ll have to google & check if there’s a london store now.

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