👯Dance and workout clothes haul🏃‍♀️

Hello everyone!🙆🏻

I recently went to Cork for a day trip and with all the sales going on, I couldn’t help but buy some clothes for my workouts and dance🏃‍♀️👯

I found this top which was selling at €2 due to sales! It’s a size 8 (uk size) /4US size/36european. It was the only top left in that colour and every other size was far too big, but because the queues were super long for the dressing rooms, I couldn’t try it on, but this ended up fitting me perfectly! (Thankfully).  For dancing, I’d wear this under one of my loose dance shrits and for running, I will leave as is🙈

These leggings are ankle length and are also high waisted (which is my favourite!😍) I love the purple band and grey colour!

I also got this in a size 8uk/4us! (The reason why I’m telling you what sizes I got is because I can never depend on the shop sizes when it comes to workout and dance outfits. They always change and vary. Usually I get a size 10uk/6US for pants, but depending on where it’s made, sometimes I get a bigger or smaller size). This could be a guideline to those who are my size and are dancers also👯 This was around €8

These are one of my favourite leggings to wear when I am working out or dancing. They are longer than the ones above since they aren’t ankle length but are comfy nevertheless. They are also high waisted! (Which is super handy since I don’t have to worry about them falling down in the middle of dance routines or running). I got this in a size 10UK/6US (I think), and they are a bit loose around the legs compared to the one above because of that, but it doesnt bother me🙆🏻 If I can remember properly, this costed around €11

I also got these comfy ankle socks from Penneys (Primark in the UK) These costed €3:50 I like the range of ‘shades’🤗

I also got two body warmers which I wear for both dance and my workouts! Although I don’t like wearing body warmers for running😣

This is personally my favourite item of clothing to wear for dance and warm ups👯💪🏼 Usually for contemporary dance training we were tight or fitted clothing so our bodies stand out when we dance👐🏻

Last but not least, I got these for €12. This is a size 10UK/6US I think.. They didn’t have a smaller size left in stock🙀 but I got it anyways. Although the waist is a bit big, I just tighten it, other than that, it’s a perfect fit😻 Penneys don’t really have dependable sizes to be honest😂 some childrens clothes from there still fit me!?!

I’m really happy with the fact they have two pockets on each size! (Girls will understand how difficult it is to find clothing with pockets other than jeans!!!) I don’t wear this for workouts but if I am in the mood for hiphop or even relaxing😉🙂

I always use my sports bag I got from Lifestyle Sports and shoes that I got back at home(🇫🇷) called Chaussea!

I hope you enjoyed this haul wether you are a dancer or fitness fanatic like I am or just someone who likes hauls in general!🌸

Thanks for reading💋

Béline 🙂

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com


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