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✨My 2017 New Years resolutions!🎆

Hello everyone!

As 2016 is coming to an end, I am slowly preparing for the new year ahead! Personally, 2016 wasn’t the best year for me, so I am super pleased that I can start over in 2017! Hopefully this will be the year for me🎆

Here are my new years resolutions!🎇

1: Fitness


After spending half of my time injuring myself and staying home because of it, I am going back to my fitness routine in January to try and build my stamina back up again. Not only will it be beneficial for my health but for my dance life and happiness also!

2: Going back to dance training 

If it wasn’t for all my injuries or my interest in journalism, becoming a dancer would have been a dream for me, and it still is. Although I have carried on dancing at home and attending shows, I haven’t been back to my dance school since my injuries and my aspiring future interests have wandered more towards writing and publishing , although I’ll be going back at my dance training January👯 I hope going back to training will inspire and remind me once again, that dance is where I belong🙆🏻 (and yes, this is an old picture I took at my dance studio as I didn’t want to post pictures of my other dance friends)

3: Baking

Don’t get me wrong, I love to bake!!! But when I bake, I usually bake the same biscuits and it’s a rare enough occasion that I actually do bake or bake soemthing new! I hope that I will have more time and will power to bake next year and just take a couple hours to do so during the weekend!🍰🍪🍮 I hope to try new recipes and maybe even learn how to cook during the summer!

4: Learning and improving another language

As I already speak Irish, French and English (of course) fluently, I have a fair enough amount of free time to study another language as I don’t exactly study the other three I know when it comes to exams. I used to be able to speak and write in Russian as I studied it for a couple hours every single day! It was my dream to work there but my plans have slightly changed as I’m drifting towards Japan or more realistically, Canada! But I’d love to carry on learning a new language such as Russian as it would be a shame to forget it and not learn it while I can! I need to stay motivated!?

5: To stay positive 

Especially it being the last half of 5th year, I feel like it’s important to stay as positive as possible. I’ll be choosing my future path and where I want to be and go in life. It’s stressful and important, I need to remind myself that negativity will only bring me down and I won’t benefit from it✨

6: Be realistic

2017 will be a very important year for me and it will be important for me to think realistically and make realistic decisions. Before, I was certain that clinical psychology (in New York?!💰💰❌❓) was what I wanted to do or journalism in Japan or dance in Florida. But I have to think realistically and constantly ask myself these questions-

‘Do I have the money for this?!’- study is expensive as it is, let alone paying rent and bills in a different country

‘Is the job suited to you,!’- Am I skilled enough at dance to persue that as a career? , Do I prefer the idea of being a journalist rather than actually working as one?

‘What do I want for my future? Do I want to settle down?’- Do I want to study abroad? And if so, will I also work there? Or will I move again?

There are so many questions to be asked, each and every one of them are important and are needed to be answered realistically.

7: Don’t repeat past mistakes and learn to move on

We have all done something we probably regretted or we have all gone through tough situations. Sometimes I find it hard to let those things go and move on and just let them haunt me. I need to learn to let things go otherwise it will make me an unhappy person living in regret. I won’t get anywhere by constantly reminding myself about the mistakes I’ve made and I definitely have to learn not to make the same mistakes again. It will be a challenge for me, but an important one, and it’s my goal to avoid all these issues, to make 2017 the best I can for myself.

I hope you will all achieve the goals you set out for yourself and havd a happy new year✨

Thanks for reading💋

Béline 🙂

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com


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