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🎄Christmas weekly favourites🎄

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! Christmas is not over just yet🎄

I wanted to share some of my favourites from Christmas!

(Ahh I love the amount of time I have to blog😩❤️)

(And the white blurry thing on the right, is my dog running😂)

One of my favourites was the Naked 3 palette! I absolutely adore these colours and appreciate my mother for getting this for me! (I had literally asked for nothing for Christmas apart from a book and art supplies, so this was a surprise)🎁

My favourite thing about this palette is how pigmented they are! Dust, Buzz and Trick are my favourites!💋I definitely recommend this!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with notebooks and anything stationary/stationery😍 Most of the time I just look at the notebooks as they are so pretty and I have a fear of writing in them! (Just incase I ruin it). 

Me Before You is one of my absolute favourite movies and I couldn’t wait to read the book! I had no idea there was a sequel either, so I’m looking forward to reading that also!🤗📚

I have loved Longchamp for years and I am so happy to have one of their bags🤗 I like the simple look to it and colour, and especially the way they don’t have a massive logo stuck on their bag also! I like to be discrete!🌸

I have been collecting perfumes for years and years and I have always admired this perfume but never thought of asking for it! It’s adorable, is of a perfect size and has a sweet scent!✨ It came with a little funnel and a re-fill bottle!

Art pencils is something I really wanted and needed as I spend a lot of my time drawing and studying art in school🎨 I really enjoy drawing with these pencils as I can blend them together unlike the pencils you usually get in shops and they are of high quality😍 This is basically heaven for me!

Charcoal is my favourite medium to work with. I always say it’s the ‘magical tool’. I usually draw my best using it so I was super pleased to have received a charcoal set! Charcoal pencils and blenders were also included!

Another of my favourites is this art set! I never painted on canvas before but I am excited and silling to try! The set also came with manyyyy paints🎨 and brushes😍🖌Ireland has beautiful landscapes so I’m excited to paint some! Connemara is my favourite place when it comes to nature and art!

I have been a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead since Season1, and if you are a fan also, you’ll definitely recognise this memorabilia! I can’t even explain how much I love this (and no, I will not use this weapon on anyone of course😂). For those who don’t know, the newest ‘villain’ or badass as I like to say, is notorious for carrying and using this weapon that he calls Lucille! It’s a very rare item and impossible to get where I’m from! It is fair to say I had a right to cry for 20minutes after receiving this😍
And last but not least…CHRISTMAS DINNER

Usually we have goose or duck for Christmas and this year we had duck!😍 I was stuffed afterwards! 

I hope you enjoyed this weekly favourites post🙆🏻 

Thanks for reading💋

Béline 🙂



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