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🎄My favourite mini Christmas tree decorations🎁 2016

Hello everyone!

Happy Christmas Eve🎄🎁 I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday!

Although we do have a ‘main Christmas tree’ in our house, since as long as I can remember, my brother and I always had our own mini Christmas trees🎄 Since I was decorating mine today, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite decorations!

Firstly, I always put the lights on (which always gets tangled!!), the tinsel and then chain of beads!

After that is done, I start adding the baubles!

I love bells of all kinds and I thought this was a really pretty decoration! My brother, Louis has a blue one also! I’ve had it for years but if I can remember properly, I think I got this in B&Q! I think…

I got these gem decorations a few years back and never used them until this year! The blue ones are my favourite as I think it gives it that icy feeling❄️💎

These pompoms remind me of snoballs and not only are they fun to touch (SUPER FLUFFY) , they also look cute!☃️❄️

This is my favourite as not only does it include a bell😏 but it is incorporated into a sweet🍬

Last but not least, this wreath made out of mini…..bells..😂🛎

That’s it for my favourite decorations!🤓

I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow and that you enjoy your meal🎄

*To those back in France (we celebrate at midnight on Christmas eve)

->Je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël est une très bonne année🎁🤗 
Thanks for reading!😊


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