My favourites❤️

✨Weekly favourites + Christmas🎄

Hello everyone!

The last time I blogged was 11 days ago, and I’m sorry that it took me so long to post as I used to post a few times each week. I was so busy with study and exams but my holidays start officially TODAY and I’m happy to say that there will be much more posts coming your way! Im just relieved that my exams are over!


Let’s start with my favourites over the past two weeks!

To those who dont know, my dad’s side of the family lives in Hong Kong! And recently I received a parcle from my uncle and I’m SUPER HAPPY he included these candies! I used to get them often from my Grandad but they have been harder to find! These are my absolute favourites!

One of my bestfriends and I went to one of our favourite cafés called The Stormy Teacup ☕️ It’s very relaxing and the drinks and food they sell ther are amazingg! I (on the left), got a Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate and my friend on the right, got a Galaxy hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

Elf is my favourite Christmas movie EVER!!! That, and The Santa Claus! I took a couple hours to relax and try to get into the Christmassy mood after one of my exams! 🎄🤗

My family and I always go to a restaurant in Ennis the week before Christmas🎄 I usually always get the same thing😂 I never get bored of it though!

I’ve always wanted to get a Christmas jumper and finally I got one this year! And it has a pun! And I LOVE puns😂😊

That’s all there really is for my favourites!

Now for the Christmas talk!🎄

Do you put a star or an angel ontop of your tree?! We always put an angel!

Every year I get excited for Christmas and I’ve been looking forward to it since last Summer! But since I’ve been studying for the past two months and had so many exams, I don’t feel like Christmas will be in tow days…although, I do look forward to it🎄🙈

My favourite part of Christmas is how I can indulge into hot chocolate even more than I usually do😂

My mom always puts so much effort!❤️

What do you do on Christmas day? How do you celebrate? 

Its just my parents and brother and I who celebrate Christmas as our family are abroad, but it’s always an aamzing Christmas nevertheless🎄🙈

Usually we have goose or duck for Christmas dinner, what about you?!🍷🍗🍖

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year🎄✨

Thanks for reading!

Béline 🙂 



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