My favourites❤️

🤗weekly favourites❤️  5th-> 11th December

Hello everyone!!

I don’t have many favourites this week as nothing extraordinary happened! But here my favourites🙆🏻
My first favourite was getting my hair dyed..again…I can’t help it! It’s like getting a tattoo or piercing, they are addicting!

Going to see André Rieu was a dream of mine and I am SO happy I can’t even explain!! His concert was amazing and the orchestra and singers did such a great job✨🎻

My last favourite this week was going to see a dance performance that my dance school did as I wanted to support them before coming back in January and I missed them also❤️ I was so happy to be able to meet my teacher and co-dancers again👯👯 I am so excited for my next dance project that will be taking place in March 2017!!! 

That’s it from me today!

Thanks for reading 🙂
Have a good day🌸


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