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🎻André Rieu🎼

Hello everyone!🙆🏻

Yesterday my mom and one of my bestfriends went up to Dublin (which was a very long two hour and a half car ride) to see one of our favourite musicians ,André Rieu!❤️

(And yes I did dye my hair blonde!!)

We bought the tickets last year and it felt so surreal to actually see him after waiting for so long! But the wait was worthit!🎼

When we arrived in Dublin, I felt like we arrived somewhere else! 

The city lights were beautiful and the water was nice and calm😊

The concert was being held in the 3Arena, all the tickets were sold out and every seat was filled up!

Heres a video I took of it because it was one of my favourite parts of the concert!

He played Christmas songs and fake snow came falling down as did balloons❄️🌨🎈

The scenery behind was picturesque and the stage itself was lovely and Christmassy🎄

It felt surreal when he walked onto the stage as I’ve always been watching him on TV! He is very funny and apparently he lives in a CASTLE?!

The womens dresses were stunning, as were the voices of the sopranos! I have been a long time fan of the Sopranos and nearly cried when they came out on stage!!

They also played an Irish song at the end which I thought was really thoughtful🍀 and a looottt of great encores!

The aura was great, everyone was cheerful and dancing! At the start fo the concert, André said that music brings people together and makes us happy, I couldnt agree more with him!

I ended up arriving home the next day at (today), at 2:30am! It was a long journey back! 

Here are some videos I took! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!


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