🌸The Little Things That Make Us Happy🌞 · My favourites❤️

🤗Weekly favourites❤️ 28th -> 4th of December 

Hello everyone!!🙈

I had a pretty busy week and this week will be busy also! So apologies if I don’t blog the way I used to, I would love more time to blog!😞 I have been studying hard for my exams coming up and I have my Irish oral exam tomorrow!🍀

Okay, so now, my favourites!

I went to Galway on Thursday (one of my favourite cities) as there was an open day! There were 14 different Dutch universities that flew to Ireland and one of them was the University of Groningen, which is where I want to study 🤓 I had a good time and I’m happy I got my questions answered! 

Putting up our Christmas tree and watching the Late Late Toy Show🎄 The Late Late Toy Show is an Irish show shown every first Friday of December! It’s an Irish tradition to watch it, and I enjoy it every year❤️

Putting the Christmas lights up and infront of our house! We always try and compete with our neighbour!

ADVENT CALENDARS!!! I even have one for my dog! He is part of the family after all🤗

Getting post from Sophie was definitely one of my favourites this week! Thank you so much for the lovely letter and Christmas card❤️ it made my trip up to Galway, a nice one! check out her blog -> sophiesamantha.wordpress.com

Another favourite this week was choreography a dance routine! I hope to be uploading it soon! 
Have a good day🌸

Thank you 🙂

Béline x

Instagram – belineoceane

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com


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