🤗Weekly Favourites✨  19th -> 25th of November 

Hello everyone!! 

I had a pretty hectic week going to the hospital and missed a couple weeks of school😣 but thankfully I’ll be back tomorrow🤓🤓 My shoulder is much better, as is my knee! I am finally able to train for dance again🏅 anywaysss here are my favourites this week!

I bought fairy lights recently, and at first they were for my bedroom but I realised later on that you have to plug the lights in (and I don’t have enough sockets in the area I want them), so I will probably put them on my tree or kitchen! I like them nevertheless✨

Christmas cupcakes!!!!!🎄😍 I loveeee buttercream! 

I enjoyed going to Cork with my Dad after I got out of hospital and had a nice Asian meal🍱🍜

Ireland has beautiful landscapes🌎😍🌲🗻🏔 and seeing snow ontop of the mountains was definitely one of my favourites this week! 

I was extremely happy to go back to training after not even being able to walk up a flight of stairs for 6 months! I’m thankful to the doctors who helped and friends and family who supported me! After the lack of training and stretching, I was shocked but pleased that I could still manage doing Arabesques 🙈❤️👯💃 This was definitely the highlight of my week!

Going out for white hot chocolate and catching up with a friend was one of my favourites too! ☕️
Have a good day!

Thanks for reading😊

Béline 🙂

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

Instagram- belineoceane 


    • They are!🍰 Some white hot chocolates can be super sweet and I completely understand where you are coming from, yes😂but I love them nevertheless eheh I use Butlers White Hot Chocolate at home, it doesnt feel sickly or as sweet🌸


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