🤗Weekly Favourites❤️ 14th – 18th of November

Hello everyone! 

Christmas exams are coming up and I am spending most of my time studying or working in school😣 I wish I had more time to blog!

I decided to start a nea category, weekly favourites! So I can guarantee I will be posting at least once a week!

Let’s get started!

Recently, I dislocated my left shoulder by playing badminton, and since then, I’ve been having issues with my shoulder and back muscles, I even had to leave school today😣 I really have no idea hwere my luck is, since my knee ligament also hasn’t healed yet?! 

The only perk of this, is having cute hot watter bottles and bean bags! The dolphin is a bean bag which you heat in the microwave, I used this fro my shoulder. And the hot water bottle was for my back!

Lately, I’ve been craving cookies and biscuits 24/7!!! Have mo idea why! But I loveee strawberry cheesecake oreos!

I ended up winning the Eolaí na Bliana today (scientist of the year), I didn’t even enter the competition but my chemistry teacher did for me! I never thought I would win anything remotely to do with science!🤗 so this medal is definitely a weekly favourite!

Last but not least, these Christmas holly and candy cane sprinkles!🎄🎁

Not only do these give me an excuse to bake a lot but they look super cute!! 

To those who celebrate Christmas, how do you celebrate it?!🎄😃
Thanks for reading😊

Béline 🙂

Instagram- belineoceane

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com

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