🌎✈️My Christmas Gifts to children in Africa🎁

Hello everyone!

As my gift is being sent away tomorrow, I thought I’d upload this post today!
Doing this shoebox appeal every year is a great way to make me feel like I’m getting involved in the charity community and also knowing I’ll be putting smiles on children’s faces who sadly don’t have opportunities like we do!

Hope is the organisation that’s in chage of the Christmas Shoebox Appeal🎁
Basically, people pick a gender, either a boy or a girl and then choose what age group we would like our presents to go to.

There are three age categories, 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14.

I chose a girl, 10-14

By the way, people are more than welcome to do more than one box

The first thing you do is find a shoebox (empty of course)

And then you need wrapping paper to cover it!

Then you stick your label (age of the child and gender) on the top right hand corner of the box and that comes with the leaflet given to you, as well as an envelope to put your money in and donation! 

Then the real fun begins!


There are certain things that aren’t allowed in the boxes, such as war related items, chocolate (it will melt on the way), books with words (they won’t understand) and medicine.

Apart from that, anything is allowed!

Here is a screenshot from the site! And yes my Iapd is dying!!!!

So this is what I decided to buy!


Few toothbrushes🤗


A cute winter hat! 

A light scarf!

A notepad! I didn’t want to buy a plain one so I bought one that had some designs on it instead🍥

Some felt tip pens! I instantly bought them when I saw them because I think kids love anything multi coloured and adds to the excitement of using them!

Gel pens! Glitter+ colour !? You can’t go wrong with that😆😊

I also bought sticky gems as I could imagine the kids sticking them on everywhere!😃

I also took and printed put a picture of myself with the box because I thought the child would like to see who made it!😄😂🎁

I really hope you would consider doing this🎄 It really is for a great cause and every child deserves a great Christmas 🎄 

If money is the issue as to why you can’t take part, make a box with your friends and split everything between yourselves🎁 or, go to pound shops for the shopping!😇

Have a good evening 💋

Thanks for reading!

Béline 🙂

Insta- belineoceane

Email- blogoceane3@gmail.com


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