My favourites❤️

🎃My October Favourites🎃

Hello everyone! 

Since I didn’t exactly have the best time this October, I decided to think about the positives instead of the negatives, since negative thinking kind of gets me nowhere🤓

October was the month when I started to have more freetime to draw, even having school tests didn’t stop me from having some time to relax.

One thing I love about October was getting the chance to wear warm wooly clothing and relaxing on my bed with hot chocolate and ugg boots👢 I was feeling stressed the past monthband the fact that I’m trying to sort out my university plans in a different country was not helping me. So thankfully I have amazing friends who could take my mind off it. We went out on a cold day and got hot chocolate in a cute café called The Stormy Teacup. Definitely my favourite thing this past month☕️ I love how everything is presented and the waiter was the only one working there and he was super nice!

A couple weeks ago, I stayed home for a few days instead of going to school and I just sat on the couch bored out of my mind wanting to do something exciting other than worry. So, I took the irrational decision to cut few inches of my hair off (not myself of course). It made me feel like I was going to have a fresh start!

I really enjoyed using these beads and I think that the little tubes they come in are adorable! They are supposed used for nail art but I decided to use them for crafts instead✨🎨💅🏻

After that gut-wrenching episode of the newest season of The Walking Dead, I must say seeing this photo online cheered me up a little and brought back memories of one of my favourite characters! (Steven😍) 

One of my favourites about October was getting a week off school! I was happy to wear one of my favourite t-shirts eheh which is a memory from my hometown back in France😍 It’s hard to deal with te distance sometimes but even a t-shirt and going out with friends and family can change that! (Plus who doesnt love Batman?!!?)

I. Love. Daenerys. Nothing else I have to say😂❤️

I loved taking some time off work to meet a good friend of mind I haven’t seen in a while since we go to different schools and going to our favourite coffee shop, Gloria Jeans! I alwayssss grt the same drink when I go to coffee shops🤓☕️ my favouri is the white chocolate oreo cooler🤗

I enjoyed making a package for a girl in Africa and I will be making a log post about that soon!🌺

I also really loved the sunsets 🌅 last month had!

I understand I look like a mess and so does my room but artists in general don’t always keep their workplaces tidy🎨 I got time to focus on my art project and exams instead of worrying about other school subjects ~CHEMISTRY ~ Chemistry just doesn’t like me😞

After having an iffy month and and iffy start to the school year, cuddling my dog Charlie definitely made me feel a billion times better🌸❤️

And last but not least, I really liked this post!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re having a bad time, list out the positives, there’s always a positive 🙈
Thank you! 🙂


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