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🤗Weekly Favourites✨  19th -> 25th of November 

Hello everyone!!  I had a pretty hectic week going to the hospital and missed a couple weeks of school😣 but thankfully I’ll be back tomorrow🤓🤓 My shoulder is much better, as is my knee! I am finally able to train for dance again🏅 anywaysss here are my favourites this week! I bought fairy lights recently,… Continue reading 🤗Weekly Favourites✨  19th -> 25th of November 

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🙈New WordPress Blog en Français✨

Hello everyone! I have decided to make a connected wordpress site to this one, called blogoceanefr . Basically, this is exactly the same as this site, but in French, for the French speakers!✈️🌎🇫🇷 The same contents will be more or likely posted on both sites!  Here’s a link to the site blogoceanefr Coucou tout le monde!🌸… Continue reading 🙈New WordPress Blog en Français✨

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🤗Weekly Favourites❤️ 14th – 18th of November

Hello everyone!  Christmas exams are coming up and I am spending most of my time studying or working in school😣 I wish I had more time to blog! I decided to start a nea category, weekly favourites! So I can guarantee I will be posting at least once a week! Let’s get started! Recently, I… Continue reading 🤗Weekly Favourites❤️ 14th – 18th of November

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🌎✈️My Christmas Gifts to children in Africa🎁

Hello everyone! As my gift is being sent away tomorrow, I thought I’d upload this post today! Doing this shoebox appeal every year is a great way to make me feel like I’m getting involved in the charity community and also knowing I’ll be putting smiles on children’s faces who sadly don’t have opportunities like… Continue reading 🌎✈️My Christmas Gifts to children in Africa🎁