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~Junior Cert Art Project~ 2014

Hello everyone!

For those who do not know what the Junior Cert is, it’s a State Examination we do here in Ireland when we are 15 and then we do another one when we are 18, which determines where we go to university🙈

Last night, I decided to take a look at my art project I did for the exam! Thankfully, I have progressed much more since then!

What did I have to do for my project ?

3D sculpture




Still life drawing

I had a few weeks for the 3D sculpture, portrait, and bookcraft and for the portrait and still life drawing, I had to do it on a special exam day, an hour each!

For my still life, I decided to draw a pomegranate

(We are given a list of things to choose from)

For the portrait, we had some students from the year above to be our model.
For the 3D sculpture, bookcraft and poster, I had to create special sheets about where I got my inspiration from, scetches and my planning.

We were given a few themes to base our project off of and I decided to base it of me myself and I.

I decided to base my poster and book off my nationality and where I come from, so I ddi a mix of France and HongKong.

I decided to use a special type of cradboard to make the book and I printed out a map of hongkong and france fro the cover.

Instead of making a normal book like all the students had done, I decided to make a pop up book📙

Although I’m not so satisfied with the Brittany dancer (Bretagne-french) I am happy enough with the Chinese dragon!

Here are the sheets I prepared!

This sheet was based off my painting. I had to write about each sketch I drew, my inpiration, the reason or story behind my choice!🖌

I used different medians throughout this project such as paint, material, charcoal, pastels, oilpastels, markers and pencil🖍🖌🖊✏️

This was based off my 3D sculpture. I actually ended up making a dandelion puff out of gold wire (WHICH TOOK ME FOREVER!) I will upload a picture of it as soon as I take it back out🤗

I was inspired by a load such as dance, movies and my strange interest in fairies😂 I did some research on a piece of art, lifesize (human sized) fairies made out of wires which inspired me to make a wire sculpture also. I loved the thought of wishes coming through when blowing a dandelion, so that’s what I decided to do!

This was my sheet for my bookcraft🙈😀

This is just a research page!🤓
I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading!

Béline 🙂
-instagram littlemissstravel

-email- blogoceane3@gmail.com 


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