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☘Irish Basics 2! Gaeilge☘

Hello everyone!

I had such a busy week I didn’t have time to blog! I hope you have a stress-free weekend!✨

I really want to carry on posting Irish blogs and was surprised to see how many people enjoyed my last one hihi☘🙈 Irish really isn’t the hardest to learn, so learning the basics should be enjoyable💚

If you want to read the first basics, it’s in the ‘Ireland’ blogging section☘ 

Last week you already learned greetings and some basic questions! Today I want to teach you the basics of introducing yourself and important key words!! Let’s start🤗

First of  all, here are some key words we use everyday!

Cad? What?- Cod?

Cén?- Which?- Cane?

Cén fáth?- Why?- Cane fawh?

Conas?- how?- Kun-isss?

Cathain?- When?- Kah- hin?

~ ~ ~~ ~~~   ~~  ~~~~    ~~~

What’s your name?… -Cad is ainm duit? – Cod isss ah-nim dit? (Cad=what, duit=you, ainm=name)

My name is…. – (name) is ainm dom –  (name) isss ah-nim dom (example sentence, Béline is ainm dom)

Where are you from?– Cad as duit? – Cod osss dit? 

 I come from..(area)…– Is as…(area)…..mé-  Isss osss..(ares).. may (example sentence, Is as an Chlár (Clare) mé).
Some countries/continents/cities in Irish! (If you want to know a certain country, feel free to ask!✈️🌏)

England– Sasana- Soss-ana

Ireland- Éire-Air-a

France- An Fhrainc- On Wrank (in this context, ‘an’ doesn’t have a meaning)

America- An Mheirceá- On Verik-awh

India- An Ind- On Ind

China- An tSín- On tch-een

Germany- An Ghearmáin- On gee-are-mawn

Russia- An Rúis- On roosh

Africa- An Aifric- On af-rick

Asia- An tÁis- On awh-sh

London- Londain- Londin

Paris- Párais- Pawh- ris

Dublin- mBaile Athá Cliath- mol  ya  ah-hawh  clee-ah

Great Britain- An Bhreatain- On vrat-in

Wales- An Bhreatain Beag (directly translates into, ‘small england!)- On  vrat-in   bee-ug

United States- Stáit Aontaithe- st-awh-it   ay-on  tih-ha

I hope you enjoyed basics 2!! If there’s anything you’d like me teach, I’d be happy to!🌏🌙
Happy Saturday!😊

Thanks for reading, 

Béline 🙂 


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