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☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

Dia duit! Hello everyone!😊

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about Irish and Ireland and teach you some new words and phrases☘

What language is spoken in Ireland?

English is the language that everyone living in Ireland speaks, but Irish is a second language to most of us living in Ireland.

When is Irish spoken?

Irish is spoken in some Irish primary and secondary schools (students aged 4->18). 

Irish can be also spoken in Irish areas, where English isn’t spoken. We call these areas ‘Gaeltachts’

Why doesn’t everyone speak Irish in Ireland and why isn’t it used everywhere?

I guess Irish is a language that is slowly fading as English is a language people from all over the world can speak. There’s no other country on earth that speaks Irish. Some people go to English schools where everything is taught throughout English and they have an Irish lesson each day. And some people go to all Irish schools, where Irish is spoken for all aubjects apart from English lessons. 

Compared to the education our oarents or grandparents got, the education system has changed so much and languages are focused on way better than back then, which is also why a lot of adults aren’t familiar with the langauge compared to students. 

What’s the hardest thing about Irish?

What language do you speak in Ireland? Can anyone learn it?

Well, apart from being able to speak French (my nationality is French), I speak English (shops, friends, books) and I go to an all Irish secondary school, which means there’s no English, everything is taught and learned in Irish. 

Of course anyone can learn it!!!! The funny thing is, my primary school was all through English, when I went to an all Irish secondary school at 12 years of age, Irish was like a completely different language. Of course I knew some basics but nothing compared to learning atoms and volcanic activiy-type of vocabulary! But it’s do-able! 5 years later, I got my ‘golden fáinne‘ (golden ring) which is given when you become fluent in Irish! (I actually lost my ring two days ago😞😞).

My parents can speak some Irish as my primary school principal had an Irish class for adults! Even though Chinese is the first language for my dad, and French for my mom, they still managed to learn it! I recommtgiving it a try! It would be amazing if the language spread☘
Basic Time!!🤓

Irish is quite basic when it comes to phrases as there really is only one way to say certain things, unlike French hihi and yes, this langauge does sound a but particular! By the way, different counties in Ireland, can speak Irish differently, so some words might be different but this is how they are said nevertheless !

(Words in Italic is the pronunciation)

Hi- Dia duit- dee-a gwit.  (The letter ‘d’ & ‘ui’ together, makes a ‘gw’ sound)

Bye- Slán- Suh-lawn (If there’s an accent (fada, in Irish) on a letter, like ‘á’, the letter is pronounced for longer and deeper)

How are you?- Conas atá tú?- Kun-us  at-awh  too? (Conas= how, atá= is/are, tú= you)

I am good!- Tá mé go maith- T-awh may  guh  mah (Tá mé= I am, maith= good, go= what you put between the words to connect them)

I am not good!- Níl mé go maith!- Kneel  may guh  mah (Níl= no/not)

Yes! – Tá! –  T-awh!

No!- Níl!-  kneel!

What age are you?- Cén aois thú? – Cane  eesh  who? (Thú is the same as tú, I won’t explain why a ‘h’ is there as the grammar can get complicated…) (aois= age, cén= what?)

Thank you! – Go raibh maith agat!- Guh  rev  mah  agut!

That’s it for the introduction to Irish! I hope you are interested in this language or a bit about the Irish culture! If you have any questions feel free to ask or email me! 


Thank you🌸🎀

Béline 🙂


9 thoughts on “☘Gaeilge☘ The Irish Language☘ Basics -1

  1. Ah Irish grammar – you know, it was only a few weeks before I did my leaving cert that I learned that Irish had masculine and feminine nouns. No one had ever mentioned that before to me! Haha.
    I sucked at Irish at school, really did not like it. I also hated French though, me and languages did not get on well – which is why it made perfect sense for me to then go and study Japanese at university (spent four years of my life questioning that decision xD)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most people find Irish hard in general😞 Even I find grammar tricky☘ You speak fluently in Japanese?! Wow!! That’s amazing! Can you write also??😌 I would love to be able to speak it! Do you regret studying it?🎀 what else did you study, if anything else?🤓✈️

      Liked by 1 person

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