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⭐️The Versatile Blogger Award✨

Thank you so much to thelittlegirlfromwales.wordpress.com for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award✨

What are the rules?

-Thank the person who nominated you😌

-Create a blog post about it😜

-Write 7 random facts about yourself🤓

-Tag more bloggers🤗

Now for the facts!

1: I do believe that ‘age is just a number’ and that age doesn’t truly matter when it comes to true love😍

2: My favourite tree is a Blossom Tree🌸 I completely freaked out when I saw one in one of my local parks🌲🌸

3: I have a fear of balloons!! 

4: I love my dog Charlie as much and as equally as I love my family members, afterall, he is my family❤️🐶

A litte throwback to the little guy hihi☺️ 

How much a puppy can change in just 1year😝

5: I am emotional🙃 Things can get to me easily but at the same time, when something good happens, I feel super happy🙂

6: I want to work in Russia for 4 months and in Japan for 3 months😍

7: I loooove Polish food😋

Who I’m nominating?


Thank you!🌸
Does anyone have any requests as to what type of blog post I should put up next?✨

Béline 🙂


2 thoughts on “⭐️The Versatile Blogger Award✨

  1. Hey sweetie thank you so much for the nomination…as, love you!!!😍😍😘🌹🌹
    Charlie is so adorable..I love cherry blossom too but Never saw one in real life 💕 COngratulations!!!💕 well deserved award dear xx


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