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⭐️Arts & Crafts haul🎨

Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve been piling up on stationary and arts and crafts things☀️

#1 Wooden Pegs

I bought these wooden pegs at Dealz! They were too cute not to buy and thought they were perfect for my scrapbook and a project I’m doing at the moment😉 The pegs are a perfect size to pin up photos or notes on cork boards also!🌸
#2 Fruit Beads

I bought these beads in Tiger! Tiger is definitely one of my favourite shops for arts and crafts! Everything there is super unique and fun!🌸 I thought these beads would be good to use in my scrapbook (just to stick them on the pages) or to make little keychains or necklaces😊

3# Stickers

I bought these stickers in Dealz! I really liked the way they were a bit 3d and looked pretty! Plus I have this obsession with owls🤓
#4 Photo Frames & Pegs

These pegs and photo frames are from a new shop we have called The Range. Basically they sell anything and everything there and thought these were super cute and I could stuck these on my wall, use them for my project and my scrapbook😊

#5 Paper Clips

#6 Sticky Notes

#7 Owl Stickers

Like I said… I have a thing for owls😂 I bought these in Silkes a while back and never found a use for them! I stull don’t know what to do.. Maybe I’ll use them to decorate some pages in my scrapbook?

#8 Wax Stamps

This is personally my favourite, I love using these for letters! I got them at Tiger but sadly they stopped selling them!

I also got a cute little notebook in The Range today! The Range has a super amazing art and crafts section! It’s heaven for me!🙈🎨 If you live around Childers Road, I advise going there! 

That’s is for tonights blog😊🌸

Hope you liked this post😊

Thanks, Béline💫


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