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☘Travel to Ireland✈️ Connemara☘

Hello everyone!🙈

I know it’s no longer the Summer holidays but I still have posts to upload on some of my travels! Connemara is one of the most famous places in Ireland and it’s a definite must-go-to place!!! I 100% recommend going☘ The landscapes are beautiful! It felt so surreal to be surrounded by such beautiful mountains, lakes, hills and to think this is all natural and ‘common’ in Ireland☘ It definitely made me feel proud to be living in this country! 

This was around a 5 hour drive but it was worthit! 

There was a rocky beach and a sandy beach (it was half half!). My family and I decided to bring our family that flew from France to Connemara. It was a dream for them to go and we are happy to have made their dream come true! We found a heart rock and brought it back to where we live! It now sits happily outside in our garden as a memory❤️

I thought the building looked cute and there were restaurants and cafés everywhere! Lots of the cafés and restaurants had a special seeting where there would be a massive window with the view of the mountains and river🍃 and greenery that surrounded the beach looked stunning🍃

When you go to tourist shops in Ireland, a lot of things are sheep related…. Sheep on clothing, postcards, mugs…anything. But I have never actually seen any…only cows.. So I was super excited! It was very calming and peaceful, I envy the veey few people who live in the area🐏🐑

This was definitely my favourite part of the whole day! It felt magical, surreal and I felt pure happiness! I wanted to sit down, write and drink hot chocolate there for the whole day! I didn’t want to leave🍃 I love Irelands landscapes! Nothing beats it🌲

This was my favourite area in Connemara, I didn’t even feel like I was in Ireland!🍀 

It might be a far drive if you live in the south of Ireland but it’s worthit – trust me! It was around an 8 hour drive for my day that day, and I didn’t hear any complaining from his whatsoever. To arrive in a place with such natural beauty was definitely rewarding.

I’ve met lovely tourists along the way of travelling to Connemara, I made amazing memories!🌲

Comment down below if you have ever been or know anyone who has!🌸❤️☘

Have a good day!

Béline 🙂  


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