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🤓My Future Path?!💫 Travel🌍?! Injury?!🤒

Hello everyone!🌸

After a very busy week of school work, study and homework, I thought it was important to take a little break and blog!!📝

Maybe you’d like to know a little bit about my plans and news!

My future path + injury

I posted something a little while back mentioning wanting to get into a dance company👯 Basically, during the Summer I got an audition (which was on Tuesday), and there was another audition on today at my dance school, which I was supposed to attend to dance for the auditioners. During the Summer I realised that my knees would cause me so much pain, until the day I couldn’t walk anymore. Obviously that was very frightening and only confided in my family and my closest friends about it. Sadly when I visited the doctor (after being examined) he told me that I really damaged my knee ligament, which was causing the pain and the immobility to walk. As a cause of that, he tood me that I can’t dance anymore or take part in any activies involving running… Of course that broke my heart. Dance was a passion of mine and still is. But it hurts to think that all the opportunities I got are gone.

How did I injur myself?

Without even telling the doctor, he knew it was because of dance. As a contemporary dancer and runner, he said that’s what had caused the injury. Who knew that dance stopped me from achieving my dance career?!

What will I do now?!

I was always planning on being a writer and a journalist wether I was going to be a dancer or not. But realistically, I can’t be a dancer, I can’t even walk up the stairs in school (I use the elevator). My plan is to go to a journalism & photography school as I’d love to be a journalist and photographer! I’d love to write my own book too🌸 Dance is still not completely out of the question, I can always write about dance! 
My travel plans?!

It’s challenging to find work at my age, in my town but somehow I still manage to land random part-time jobs!🙄

At the moment I’m saving up to meet a friend of mine who recently moved to Germany from France. She’d like me to meet maybe during Summer of 2017✨

I’m also saving to fly back to France alone again to see my family (my friends will be in school), when we have holidays in Ireland, maybe around Christmas or Easter⭐️

And in Easter 2017, my family and I are planning on going to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks to see my dad’s side of the family💫

Thinking a bit further ahead..

A year ago, I set travel plan goals after I finish secondary school, and surprisingly, I have still kept to them.

2018– Germany or London with one of my bestfriends💘

2019– Italy with another bestfriend of mine

2021– I’d like travel to Russia and work a little over there

I usally always reach my goals and even though these dates are far away, I know for a fact I’ll achieve them. I went to France alone during the Summer and planned the trip 3 years in advance⭐️ Never say never!

What would you like to work as or study?

What are your travel goals?

Enjoy your weekend🎀

Béline 🙂


4 thoughts on “🤓My Future Path?!💫 Travel🌍?! Injury?!🤒

  1. Oh, so sad that you can never dance again. I thought it’s only temporary (which still could be quite dramatic, if your goal was to be professional, but this is much worse.) Atleast you seem to be great attitude. Your moving forward, that’s good!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about your injury and dancing. I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to not be able to do something you love like that. But it’s great that you have plans in mind! I hope they work out for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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