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Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that it has been a while since I’ve blogged but I have been super busy with school lately! Even though last week was my first week back, my teachers have decided to give us so much homework (pray for me please!😂)


During the Summer, I decided to start scrapbooking. I was meant to make a post about it back then but never got the chance! So here it is now⭐️


Wether you are new to scrapbooking or have been doing it for ages, sometimes it can be tricky to find a place to start! Personally, I definitely recommend using Pinterest! (Pinterest is this amazing app where you can search anything you like, for example, ‘rings‘. And then pictures of rings will pop up and you can search anything you’d like related to them (sorry for my crappy explanation)). Basically you can create boards and pin your pictures to them. You can have a board for clothes, another for food etc! It’s very helpful🙈)

Pinterest is definitely the best way to get inspiration!

When I was looking for inspiration, I went on Pinterest and searched scrapbooking! I absolutely love this scrapbook and admire the work the scrapbooker put in!🌸 


I advise using different coloured paper, cards, stickers, glitter, fabrics. I asled my home economics teacher if she could let me use left over fabrics from curtains, clothing, pillow cases etc for art, and now I have a whole bag full of useful fabric. What’s great about scrapbooking is that it’s completely up to you what you want to do or use! I prefer using pritt-stick to PVA glue! Using different coloured markers and pens also make the pages jump out and more lively! Feel free to print out photos also!
A little peek at my scrapbook!

I’m making my scrapbook out of a lined notebook I got in TK MAXX in Galway! 

For my first page, I wanted a welcoming and personal feeling, so I decided to make a little red envelope out of red paper and cut a rectangular shape out of a piece of polka-dotted card! On the back of the card I wrote something personal and I also stuck on this ‘wax stamp’ I got from Tiger🙈 The butterfly on the edge of my page was made by cutting pieces out of different coloured card and double sided tape! I cut out words to make the sentence “welcome to my mini world”😊

I also have a page dedicated to languages (as I lovee languages). So I decided to write the word ‘hi’ in the different languages I know. I ordered travel sticky notes on Amazon earlier during the Summer (the suitcase, plane) so thought it would be a great time to use it! Bear in mind, a scrapbook can never be completely fimished. I’m constantly adding things on my pages! 

For this page, I made a little envelope out of yellow paper and cut out another rectangular shape using the polka-dotted card. I then wrote a little personal note behind it to encourage me.

I stuck a French stamp on the top of the page, some french stickers to remind me of France and to fulfill that dream I have of going back there one day. I made a little border by cutting out a square using starred paper and then I cut another square in the middle and stuck a different coloured card at the back and wrote an encouraging note. For me personally, dreams are very important. Wether it’s daydreaming, dreaming at night or having dreams about your goals in life, I encourage and enjoy it. I also stuck some gems I bought on a fabric flower and on the edges of the boarder. 

I’m still adding new pages, coming up with new ideas but I hoped this inspired you do get creative! It doesn’t have to be exactly the same of similar at all! Mine looks nothing like the inspiration I got from Pinterest. Afterall, we are all different and unique! Show that by creating art, everyone can do it and it’s very relaxing and fun!🌸

Let me know if you decide to scrapbook! Good luck and enjoy the rest of your week🎨

Béline 🙂 


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