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🌞Summer Outfits💘

Hello everyone!

Yes, I’m aware that the Summer holidays are nearly over and the hot weather is a bit far behind us but I had so many blog posts saved in drafts over the past few months and had no time to post them all up! I still have many more saved.. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much to post some Summer posts once the holidays are over as I have many travel blogs left to put up!😊

Getting to it… Here are some outfits I liked to wear during the nice weather!😊

Outfit #1-

I love wearing my off-the-shoulder crop top from H&M! It’s light, perfect for good weather and isn’t tight either (I personally don’t like wearing tops that are tight & short at the same time). The fact that I was also wearing shorts made me feel like I was a bit too revealing so I bought the crop top in a bigger size so that I could also tuck it in my high waisted shorts👖

I got thse high waisted jeans in Penneys. I loveee shopping in Penneys during the Summer, they always have great pieces of clothing! The fabric is stretchy and comfortable to wear so it doesn’t stick to your skin in the heat!🌞☀️

Lastly, I got these shoes from Penneys also. As soon as I saw them, I couldn’t resist but get them! They are comfortable to walk in also!

As you can see I quite like blue…😂❤️

Outfit #2.

I really like how light and airy this top is! I actually completely forgot where I got this top fro.. It could be from Penneys! I’ll comment down below once I find out!

I also got the owl necklace as a gift from one of my friends back in France💘

I really liked how the too and the skirt kind of ‘meshed’ together with all the different shades of blue and purple😊 I got this skirt in H&M (Dublin, Dundrum Centre) (I always feel like the clothes are way better in different cities, even if the shop is the same)

Outfit #3 

I got the owl top (my family and I love owlsss) back in Nantes in my region in France..

Really light fabric so it was quite easy and comfortable to wear😊

My bracelet (it turned aeound but theres a cute bea on it) is from Accesorize! 

This checkered top was given to me by my family in Hong Kong! I love anything checkered, wether it’s a top or skirt or even jeans, I love it💋 The fabric is also light and easy to wear🙈 It also had a hood so I thought it was handy just incase it rained *unpredictable Irish weather☘*

Outfit #4 
Like I said… I love checkered tops! So it’s fair to say that I have been ‘collecting’ them over the years! I had more checkered tops but these were the ones I wore the most😊

This is the only checkered shirt I have with short sleeves and had bright Summer colours so I really liked wearing it when the weather was nice☀️ To make a slight change, I knotted the end of the shirt! A slight change is still a change😊

I bought the black trainers back in my hometown in France (they have sakes all year round, which is pretty great!)🌸 The shirts are from Penneys🙄 and the necklace is from my cousin and aunt😊
I hope you liked my Summer outfits! If you have any questions, ask ahead!😊

Good luck to all the people who got their GCSE results today❤️

Enjoy the rest of your holidays🌞

Béline 🙂


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