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Hello everyone!😊

One thing I really love about Summer is that my friends, family & I all have the time to write to eachother about what we have been up to during the year📝

I love writing and especially love writing letters, so often, my friends and family find themselves reading letters that are over 10 pages long…. 

I like the excitement of knowing that I’ll be receiving a letter and I love the feeling of opening them also!🙈 It’s the effort and thought I appreciate a lot!

I keep most of my letters in this tin box😊 The other letters are either on my wall (I stick postcards and pictures of my bedroom wall) or either in a folder😊

The letters ontop of the stack are my latest letters🙈 Lately, one of my bestfriends and I decided to come up with the idea to write eachother letters, each letter has a different topic. As you can see, the letter in the picture says “When You Can’t Sleep”. Bear in mind my bestfriend lives in the same area as me, so you don’t have to be distant to write! Letters like these do really help with certain situations, make you happier & cheers you up! I definitely recommend doing this with someone! If you can’t think about any topics, here are some ideas! 

If you can’t sleep

What you mean to me (this can be written to anyone!)

Our future goals

Our memories

A funny incident/event that happened

Random letter! 

These don’t have to be written like proper letters if you don’t want to! Make it your own! Maybe it’s a list? A collage? A poem even! Just as long as its on paper!😌

For many manyyyyyy years, I’ve been writing future letters to myself! I write the date and then write about anything and everything. I love doing these and I usually write twice a year! I always try to write one on New Years Day!🙈 Sometimes I write a “to be opened date”! I love looking back at the old me and laughing at some of the most ridiculous things I wrote about! I once wrote a letter in 2012 and wrote that it was meant to be opened in 2015! Of course I thought it was a long way away but you’d be surprised how quickly the time goes by and how much you’ve changed!😂 

 If you want to give it a shot (which I highly recommend) here are some things you could write about!

What you look like/personality.. 

You might wonder why you’d want to write about that, but trust me, people change a ,ot of the years! Maybe even print out a photo and stuck it in!

What you want to work as in the future 

Any exciting or dramatic news that occured

Gossip? That’s always a fun one to look back on!

Maybe something personal! 

-What your hobbies are/did you take up any or stop any?

I always try to include a little drawing or artwork because I love art, so maybe if you like song writing you could write a song, photography- you could print out photos🙈

I really recommend writing! It’s very liberating! I have a good friend who says she’s not able to write but that is not true! Everyone can write something, as long as you’re happy with your work,that’s all that should matter📝

Have a good evening💋

Béline 🙂 


5 thoughts on “📝Letters❤️

  1. This has reminded me how much I love writing letters! I used to have ‘pen pals’ in Australia and Poland but both eventually stopped writing back. I’ve kept all of their letters and it’s such a shame because like you mentioned I loved receiving the letters.

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  2. This letters are so girly. Wow, I would love to do it, over these years, letter writing has become very rare and phones have taken away all the charm and beauty of letters. Nothing can replace the old ways, Old is gold , Loved your idea xx

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