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✈️My favourite and the best place to get inspired to travel and prepare to travel😍

Hello everyone😀

Recently I’ve been planning trips and writing about travelling in one of my travel notebooks. On the cover of the notebook it says ‘Nature & Découvertes‘ (the name of the shop I got it from, translating to Nature and Discoveries) and then I thought .. ‘Why not write a blog about this shop?’ I’ll take any chance to write a blog about travel💫

Nature & Découvertes/ Nature & Discoveries is a shop based on nature related things & travel✈️🌰🌲

I love the way the shop is seperated in different compartiments. One side would be for hiking, the other would be books on travel and how to survive in the wild and the other for nature and natural related things such as scented oils or heated stones & rocks (massaging). 

As soon as you walk into the shop the bright colours welcome you and the products are unique!😊

The shop I go into is the one on ‘la rue de Saint Vincent, Vannes’. As soon as I walked in I was surrounded by different types of candles and oils on my left and then travelling heaven to my right😍

There was a book case/shelf just for maps around Europe, the continents and France (which is helpful😌). There were also books about tourist attractions and the things you can do and see in different countries (different book for different country)😊 There were three big maps (I really wanted to buy badly but tried to save as much money as I could so I didn’t end up buying any…🤔) that costed around 30€->40€. The three maps were maps of the world, one of them, you scrape the country that you have travelled to with a coin and the country goes from black to gold (one of my favourites)🙈. 

As well as that, there was a whole area for bagpackers & hikers. There were different types of backpacks and ‘tools/essentials’ that are needed for travelling. There were special eye-masks and ‘neck cushions’ for plane rides, special cables for technology (although they were pricey..35€+). You could get different types of knives and blades for people travelling in the wild🌲 (this was in a glass case along the left side of the wall so not anyone could just grab and leave with one). There were special labels and tags for people to put on their suitcases (which my cousin and I bought since my cousin is heading to Malaysia to see her boyfriend for a few weeks). From clothing to food, from books to torches, this shop has everything for travel! I must admit, it was a very popular part of the shop! 

I understand that this is a French shop and won’t be in other countries but apparently an American equivalent shop to this, is called ‘ The Nature Company’. 

Although I’ve never been in ‘The Nature Company’, after doing some quick research on it, I can’t really see any resemblance to Nature & Découvertes… If you’ve been to any of these shops, comment below😌🌸

Thanks for reading🙈

Béline 🙂


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