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💘Music favourites🎶

Good morning (good evening in some places?!✨) everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your Summer! I’ve kept this post in my drafts for so long…I have so many other posts that I kept in drafts but never had the time to publish, so sorry about that! I hope to publish them before Summer ends as they all link in with the holidays🌞

These songs aren’t in order of preference by the way! 🙈🎶

I listen to all of these songs on Playtube (used to be called Itube, and is only compatable with Apple products, you get to watch any videos from Youtube, not only music and after you have fully loaded the video, it is downloaded/cached onto your device💋 I am aware this isn’t completely legal as Itube had to be taken down…and they reuploaded the same app..but with a different name…) 

If you don’t have Apple, I also use MP3 Music Download, which is only for music and you can’t watch the music videos. A good app nevertheless ! 

Spotify is good too but I don’t have 3/4g so there’s not much of a point in me using it when I go out!

After reading the list you will probably be aware that I love listening to songs in foreign languages.. But I really do recommend listening to them nevertheless! 

1: Girls Talk Boys- 5SOS (movie soundtrack from Ghostbusters)..I’m too addicted to this song…

2: Heathens- Twenty One Pilots (from Suicide Squad)

3: Maître Gims (ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SINGERS EVER😍💘) & Sia- Je te pardonne (I never thought Sia and Maître would ever collab..but I love this song… And I love how they made the two languages and styles ‘mesh’ together) 

4: Kids United- Des Ricochets (Kids United are a french singing group that sing sings for UNICEF! Their lyrics are so inspiring. Even if you can’t understand French, it’s still a catchy song😊)

5: Tieks & Dan Karkna- Sunshine (okay… I first heard this song in a car ad and I spent ages looking for it online until I finally heard it on MTV’s Top 40…. Thank the Gods I found it😂)

6- Enrique Iglesias- Duele el Carazon (I know it’s in Spanish..I don’t understand it either..but it’s can we not??😍💘)

7- Jennifer Lopez- Ain’t Your Mama (This song is and catchy! Back in France, you would hear this song on replay every day on the radio!)

8- Open KidsStop People! (This is a Ukranian pre-tee /teen group, they are really good and have some of their songs translated in English too!😌)

9- Shawn Mendes- Treat you better

10- 2NE1- 그리호혜요 – missing you (SUCH A GOOD SONG!)

11:– Daeho, Jungmin- 그리호혜요 – missing you cover. (Same song as #10 but a great version!)

12- Margarita – A Plea For Peace (in Russian). (I just love the Russian language!)

13- H Magnum & Indila💋- Garde l’équilibre (this is definitely one of my favourite songs!)

14- Maître Gims- Bella

15- M. Pokora- Le Monde🙀😍

Which song would I recommend!🎶

Definitely Maître Gims  & Sia– Je te pardonne! It’s Sia and Maître…need I say more?🤓
I hope you check out some of the songs🤗 Let me know if you listen to any of those songs above!

Have a good day🌸

Béline 🙂


5 thoughts on “💘Music favourites🎶

  1. Lovely, I know few songs on the list and have listened to them but few are new to me, so going to check A plea for peace and 2NE1. 🙂 Hope you doing fine- Loves, xx

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