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🤔My hair story & dying your hair, what you need to know😌

Hello everyone!😌

Not too long ago, I went to my hairdresser, Marbles, to dye my hair (yet again…) a lighter shade of brown🙂

Basically I went to that hairdresser in late July which was a bit over 6months since my last visit (end of November) to get my hair two shades lighter. When I went in November, I was getting my hair dyed brown also, but it wasn’t as light as I wanted it to be.

My natural hair colour is dark brown/black, the first time I dyed my hair was 2 years ago when I was 14. Of course my hair was too dark to get to the colour I wanted and also my hair was very long so the massive change would have looked strange. My first time going, I ended up with this warm/red colour (the picture of me in the checkered shirt). I then went back half a year later and dyed it again (the picture of me in my school uniform)  and again until it was the light blonde I wanted😌 This all happened in 2014.

October , 2015, I decided to cut my hair to my shoulders which was a big change and I let my dye grow out. In late November, I got it dyed brown (the picture of me in my red turtle neck). Then in March I cut my hair into a bob as I found my long hair too annoying to cope with! In June, I got it dyed another shade lighter (my hair can only go two shades lighter at a time). 

….and now my hair looks like this

Also, every time my hairdresser dyed my hair, she put some streaks to lighten my hair every time 🙂 

Firstly I want to say that yes I know I started dying my hair at a young age…but I was really quite unhappy with my natural hair colour and wanted to try and something new! Also it was semi-permanent until now! My hair is still super healthy as I use Elvives hair conditioner & shampoo which keeps the colour and doesn’t make my hair dry or unhealthy😊

What you need to know about dying your hair: 

1: If you’re like me, having naturally dark hair wanting to go to light, it’s a pain.. I know you could probably go and buy bleach and try to attempt doing it yourself, but it’s honestly safer and better to go to a hairdresser who will actually know what she is doing! 

You might and probably will have to keep going back after every few months but the end result is worthit and it keeps your hair healthy instead of doing it all in one go!

2: Go to the same hairdresser every time you dye your hair! I went to the same lady each time because she knows how to work with my hair and she knew in what way to dye it.

3: Don’t go crazy on the conditioner.. Just because you have dyed your hair a lot, it doesn’t mean you always need to use conditioner and lots of it! I rarely use conditioner but when I do, I use small amounts!

4: Don’t use strong hair porducts, example:  Head & Shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this shampoo and I used it every time I washed my hair (before I dyed it) but that shampoo is too strong and eventually will ruin your hair & the dye! So ask your hairdresser what shampoo is recommended or take a good look at the shampoo bottles, some shampoos are just for dyed hair😌

5: Be honest. If you don’t like what your hairdresser did with your hair, tell him/her! It’s important not to leave the place unhappy! 

6: Be sure you know what you want! Always bring in pictures of your desired hair colour and ask to be shown a colour book (which is super helpful as there are strands of hairs dyed all different colours). 

I hope you enjoyed this post😌

Thanks for reading💫

Béline 🙂


6 thoughts on “🤔My hair story & dying your hair, what you need to know😌

  1. Lovely post! And I love your hair! Then and now. Also had the similar situation. I’ve always wanted my hair lighter, it was a dark blonde but then I got highlights and I keep getting them just because I prefer to have lighter hair. Haven’t done it in a little while but before college starts I’m getting highlights done again.

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