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✈️Travel to Ireland, going to Craggaunowen☘

Hello everyone!

Few days ago, my family and I went to Craggaunowen, and I must say I had wayyy more fun than I thought I was! 

When we arrived in Craggaunowen, we had to walk to the gift/ticket shop and pay for our entry! What I really loked about the shop was that they had maps in different languages for all the different tourists! I chose a French one😌

The weather was good and we met a lot of tourists! We met lovely tourists who have happened to be from France, it was lovely talking to them! We all took the same route! 

Craggaunowen is very historic! Crannóg were the houses they lived in! One of the Crannógs had really fast flying birds inside, which gave me a heart attack! To get to the Crannóg, we had to walk over a little bridge which I really liked! For some reason I thought of Japan…. There was a cute river flowing underneath with pretty lilly pads! 

In the Crannógs, there were different drawings on the walls, there were tree stumps in the centre as seats and they would have a little pile of logs for a fire🔥 There were some animal skulls laying around the place also! On the last row of the collage, second picture- the people that lived there used this as their kitchen! I find it so intruiging how life has changed so drastically! 

This was all set in the middle of the woods, so the walk was so beautiful🌿🌲 Ogham is a stone that they used to write on. I don’t know if you can see it, but on the right side of the Ogham, there are little lines that have been engraved. That washow the alphabet was written! On the map, they write a bit about each thing we pass by, I didn’t read it much, so what I’m telling you is what I learned in history class three years ago😂

The 4rth picture in the collage was how they built their roads because they had a lot of rain! 

The last picture in the collage was a cave you could go in…. Here’s what happened….

I decided to go in (by the way, when you go to Craggaunowen there are no tour guides), and it was pitch black with a little light at the back. I was really excited going in until my brother behind me told me to look around and that there were spiders everywhere! I turned my flash loght on and shined it on the walls….and the spiders were absolutely massive…with the biggest eggs I have ever seen! I completely fresked out and I screamed so loudly and ran out as fast as I could. I didn’t even realise I screamed that loudly..but turns out people heard be from the Crannógs…. Whoops… Anyways, when I got out, I had people askimg me if I was okay and what happened and I told them about the spiders and how I screamed because it freaked me out…🕷 At the end, they told me they weren’t going to go in and completely skipped that part of the trip! I felt so bad that I put them off….but it was for the best eheh

There was also a castle that we got to go into! The stairs were super steep and there was so much turning (spiral) I felt very dizzy! On the first row in the collage, they used that room to create stuff with wool! The turtle shell and the head on the wall is all real!!! The door reminded me of Harry Potter eheh🙈💫 The last picture is a bed they used to sleep on!

When we got to the top of the castle, there was such a lovely view of the greenery! It was very calming! 

We also so cuteeee donkeys😊🙈

There were other photos I took but didn’t decide to upload them as I took over 100 that day! There are so many other things to do there! 

I really really recommend going! It’s a lovely trip! 🌸

Have a good day!

Béline 🙂 


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