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☘Travel to Cork🇮🇪☘

Hello everyone!

Recently, my family and I went to Cork, which I have to say is one of my favourite cities😍

When we arrived in Cork, we were alll starviiinngg, so we decided to take a quick tour around and then have lunch! It was hard to find a place to eat as there were so many options! We finslly picked a nice Irish restaurant/bar! The interior was so pretty, the people working there were friendly, and the food was amazing😍

As soon as we walked into the place, we were welcomed by the smell of loving food and the warmth from the lights and the stage.

At night, there are guest dancers (traditional Irish dance) and singing🙈 

The place was really quite big. Along the left side was the bar where you can get drinks🍺🍻

At the back, there were more seats and tables but they had more of a rustic look to them

There was also a second floor and lots of tourists were taking pictures of the staircase as everything on the wall was related to Irish history😊☘

I really liked the layout of the whole place and what I also liked about it was that beside the entrance, there was a drink area where people can just walk in and buy a drink and leave (not alcohol but coffee etc)😌

When we were seated, we were given menus which were simple but nice!

It was a little tricky to decide but at the end I went with a toasted sandwich, I mever expected ot to look like this….

I never expected it to be presented that way (although I love it 🙂 ), it came with chips & crisps wjich I didn’t know either, and trust me, in person, the sandwiches were sooo big! I couldn’t even finish and had to share with my dad😂 nevertheless the food was yummy! I recommend going!

Afterwards, we walked around the city, went to a few shops! I only managed to take one picture of the street!

We also past a lottle alley that had graffiti on ig (I LOVE graffiti)

Then we went to the park and we visited the fountain😊 It was at that poimt of the day that we were ROASTING🔥 It was really unexpected was we thought it was going to rain…and it was cloudy at the beginning of the day!

Then, we went to the British Market ( indoor markets)! I really love this market but the picture I took is really bad quality so sorry!

At the market we went to the bakery section & bought my favourite😊

Overall it was a fun day in the lively town of Cork!☘

I definitely recommend going🙈

Thanks for reading🌸

Béline 🙂


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