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✈️ Travel to Ireland🍀 What a day out in Limerick was like🇮🇪

Hello everyone🌸

On Sunday, my uncle & aunt (on my mom’s side (French)) arrived in Cork, which is around 1.5->2 hours away from where I live🌝🌿 They are staying at ours for two weeks so we are trying to do as much as we can and make the most of their stay🤗

Today, the weather was very….we can say…Irish. Cloudy in the morning, then a light shower, then cloudy again, a heavy shower… Although we had crap weather, that didn’t stop us from having a nice day out! 

If you didn’t know, my family is from Bretagne (Brittany) which happens to be the twin town of Limerick, around where I live🍀🙂 So there’s a lot of history😊

The first thing we did was visit the Treaty Stone! 

Then we walked to King John’s Castle🙈 It was raining heavily at one point but my uncle and I found it amusing and turned the situation into a positive one💧☔️

King Johns castle os a big tourist attraction in Limerick. It’s a very popular activity to visit the castle and go up to the roof and look through the telescope🙂 As well as that, near the Treaty Stone there are benches and a special area for tourists to walk, which is also popular as the tourists like to take pictures of the castle from afar and the water also😊

From King Johns castle, we walked to the Potato Market (across from Locke Bar) and we went to the car park. When you walk into the car park, on your left, there’s an ‘entrance’ and you have to cross a cute white bridge to get to the other side.

I’m not a fan of the sea…sure I love it when oceans look beautiful and the beach…but as much as I find the sea interesting and intruiging, it scares me. I won’t explain because it will be a never ending ramble😂 but with the sea, comes boats. I am not a lover of boats but nevertheless I like visiting them😊

Just in front of the boats is a little park with benches, where people can walk their dogs and relax😊 After having a little walk around, we walked around the park across from Arthurs Quay (a small shopping centre in the middle of the town). I personally think the view is lovely. You get to see the sea, the buildings across on the otherside, you get a view of the town😌 There’s also a big square in the middle of the park where you often find activities taking place, such as a mini theme park, music etc💫

We went into a few shops (most of themes were euro stores such as Dealz & Euro Store) as in France, we are limited to the amount of low cost shops & what they sell is completely different.

We made a quick stop at Tiger, which is one of my favourite shops. It’s super affordable and their products are SO UNIQUE!!!! They sell everything from home products to stationary😉😉, from food to kitchen utensils🙂 I couldn’t help myself but buy this..

 I thought the were so cute and I never saw them anywhere else, and they only costed €2!🍉🍓🍊🍎 Since I’m making a scrapbook, I thought these beads would be great! 

After that, we decided to go to Costa to have a little bite and a drink😊 They had no cups since the dishwasher broke! All the customers who ordered hot drinks had to use takeaway cups! I ordered a Creamy Cooler (which is my favourite), Mint Choco Chip! Although it was kind of silly of me because I was freezing enough as it was (I had a long sleeve shirt, then a whool jumper with fur & a jacket) and the drink made me feel even colder! 

I really liked the presentation of the drink! The Summer leaves on the cup and the layers of the drink really tied in well with the name of the drink and the image of Summer they were trying to give😊 (if you’re womdering what I’m eating, it was this chocolatey-biscuity thing)

That was the last thing we did before coming back home! I love how relaxing Limerick can be but you can also be pretty productive😊

Thanks for reading🌸

Béline 🙂 

If you have any questions on Limerick ,be sure to ask🤗


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