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👙Summer swimming suits👙

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to say that it’s finally starting to feel like summer! I had a really hot week with the temperature rising up to 32 degrees☀️ although I personally find that too hot!! But for Ireland, I’ll take anything I can get😊 I have four different types of swiming suits, no more than that because I haven’t been to the beach in Ireland in around 3 years… So I usually wear them when I’m back in France, but even then, it’s rare to have hot weather but thankfully I was there during a heatwave🔥🌊

This swimming suit is a one-piece and I really like the bright colours and how comfortable it felt on my body💘 I also feel like I’m part of Spongebob wearing it….😂

For this swimming suit, I got a top and didn’t buy the matching bottom as I kimd of thought it was too much. I don’t really like this swimming suit anymore…and basically bought it because I realised last minute that I didn’t have a swimming suit (at that time). I feel like the top is unflattering and therefor made me feel self conscious but I wore it nevertheless😂..but as a bikini..(long story). I’m wearing my bikini botton with it, and yes, I know they don’t go together😂

This is my favourite out of all the swimming suits I have ever had💘 Although it’s a bikini, I feel comfortable and confident enough to wear it and I don’t have that ‘unflattering’ feeling I had for the last swimming suit above, plus I love the colour and pattern🌸 Perfect for a summer holiday☀️👙

Last but not least, I have a basic one-piece swim suit that I wear for saimming lessons🌊 As I have taken lessons for over 8 years, I know it’s important to wear a swimming suit that’s more comfortable than stylish! Although there is still no issue in wearing this on a holiday✨

Thanks for reading👙

Béline 🙂


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