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✈️Something I want to say about travelling…✈️

Hello everyone!

I recently read a blog that in my opinion was slightly offending (I took it personally). I am not saying that this blogger is a complete horrible person and we should all hate this person for writing that. Just like me, we all have our opinions. The issue I found, was that this was not an opinion. It was a false fact. A fact that messed with my head a little and made me doubt myself and I’m sure many more… So I wanted to clear it up…

What was said?

-Goodbyes get easier

Personally this doesn’t get easier. With my experience it gets harder. It gets tiring. You get used to it but it still hurts just as much. Nomatter how much you travel, it won’t magically become easier!


-you won’t have a lot of friends or strong friendships

Because someone travels alot, it doesn’t mean you won’t have friends. In fact, it’s the opposite. On your travels you get the opportunity to make new friendships and new people.

And as for strong relationships, if you have one with a person before travelling, if the relationship is truly strong and truly special, nomatter how far you are, they will remain strong. I have friends back in France, England, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Malaysia, Germany & Czech Republic and I live in Ireland. True friendships last!


-You won’t be in a relationship… And I quote from the blog “because noone seeks out long distance relationships”.

Firstly..some people like long distance as it works better for them, and it works. Secondly long distance relationships might fail sometimes but they definitely succeed also. I am honestly tired of some of my friends saying how long distance never works because I have seen it myself, it does.

I genuinely felt hurt by this statement.. Since when can you not maintain a relationship while travelling? Can’t we meet people who have the same interest and ideas for the future as we do?


-You won’t have a place to call home.

I completely disagree with this! Home can mean different things to everyone. Home isn’t just a house. Home is where your loved ones are or where a place where you feel at home. That could be anywhere, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a home because your travelling. I’m mixed, so basically half of my family lives in France, my other half in Hong Kong and then my parents and brother im Ireland. Does that mean I have no home? Because I travel and because my family is split into three different countries?

-It’s not that you don’t have a home anymore, it’s that you have many.

You mightnt be at home completely again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay of loving and knowing people in more than one place- I personally think that’s very important to remember.
Thanks for reading💫

!Share your opinions but never state them as a fact if it’s false!

Béline 🙂


17 thoughts on “✈️Something I want to say about travelling…✈️

      1. no way:)travel is a part of life and there is no point in sacrificing everything and becoming a tourist and if so travelling will stop giving you any pleasure.

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