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2016- 🏙A day with my cousin in Quimper🌆 :2

Hello everyone🌸

This is the second part to my travelling blogs in France😌🇫🇷

The last blog I put up (:1) was about La Fête de Saint-Jean, which was also in Quimper🙈

Quimper is my hometown and it was so great to be able to relax and also go out with my family and friends!

One of the things I really enjoyed was going to town with one of my cousins, Floriane. What I really love about the town in Quimper are the beautiful streets and buildings that can be seen nowhere else but in Bretagne🏢

On one of my personal favourite streets, packed with boutiques, tourists and of course, a beautiful cathedral.

I love the style of the buildings and I think they bring warmth to the town🔥

It happened to be that the day we decided to go out to town, the Colour Run was on. Where hundreds of people around Bretagne take part in a short marathon while being hit by coloured powder💫✨

My cousin Floriane and I were sitting down at an outside bar packed with tourists when we suddenly hear loads of cheering. We turned to see dozens of runners throwing packets of coloured powder around the place and we both ended up yellow🤔😂 Although we were covered in yellow powder even though we didn’t take part in the run, it was all great fun to see how happy everyone was and how joyful the atmoshpere was too✨

We also went to the dog shelter where my cousins got their new dog, Gwinizh😌 At the shelter there’s a lot of land and all dogs that have been adopted are welcome to come and play, meet other dogs and get free training lessons.

Being a big dog lover, having a dog of my own, I thoroughly enjoyed spending those couple of hours teaching Gwinizh new tricks and meeting new owners! Just look at his smile!😀😂

Thanks for reading✨


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