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📝I have a serious stationary addiction💔

Hello everyone!✨

I have a SERIOUS addiciton to stationary..in fact, it’s so serious, I might as well be in rehab😂

✨My dream is to be a journalist and photographer and basically travel around the world while working😍 As much as I love media and looking forward to studying it in my dream journalism university back in Paris😍, I will always  have that special love for writing on a piece of paper…

I have honestly been writing stories about travelling and poems from the age of 5… I wouldn’t believe me either, but trust me, I have proof. I was looking through my old classwork and it seems to me that I must have had one hell of an imagination to write about travelling at such a young age. So of course, over the past 13 years I’ve been collecting and piling up on my stash of stationary. From pens to notebooks, I just can’t help myself. And the worst part is, I will find a lovely notebook and buy it, but I will find it too pretty to use and I just end up leaving it on the bottom of my bed (admiring it of course😂).

The picture below is only a section of all the stationary I have. As you can see, I have a notebook on the floor with a girl and a few foxes. That notebook is still in it’s plastic cover because I think it’s too pretty and physically  can’t bring myself to write in it😂 (I got that notebook a months ago….God help me)

The rest of my stationary is on my desk, in my drawers, under my bed, downstairs (I really need a basement😂).

Being half Chinese, it comes with a lot of perks. Besides travel and experience…STATIONARY. Hong Kong has amazing stationary just like Korea and Japan.

Since I didn’t have hours to spare to rummage through all of my stationary, I took out some of my favourites that were already in the picture above😊 I love getting rubbers in different shapes that have scents also😍 One of the things I didn’t put in the picture but love regardless, are glittery pens that each have a different scent according to their colour, example-> red= cherry, yellow= banana! I think it’s very fun and unique!

You might be wondering why I need or would want so much stationary..

First of all, I don’t ask my parents to randomly buy me stationary as I make it my responsibility to buy it myself and it can also be quite expensive. (I usually wait for Christmas…).

It’s a mix between a need and a want. I feel like need some notebooks and pens to write because it’s such a big passion of mine as well as travelling. I like to incorporate my love of travelling and writing together. For example, the planning I did for my latest trip in France, I wrote down in my notebooks. I planned who I’d be seeing and when, what I needed and of course, I wrote about what I did. I also need stationary for a project I’m working on to get into my dream university which needs to be done two years in advance (stresses☹), But of course I can’t deny that I want cute stationary…and lots of it😂

I don’t personally think that I’m more ‘spoilt’ than anyone else because we all have different interests. Some girls would rather spend their money on expensive makeup or clothes but I’d rather spend it on what I love doing the most. Writing.

Thank you for reading🌸

Béline 🙂


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