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2014-  La Fête de Cornouaille👯🇫🇷

Hello everyone!😌

I’ve been recently writing and posting blogs up of the past few weeks I spent with my family and friends in France!🇫🇷 I decided to write and post new blog posts about France..but, from 2014! I decided it would have been a good idea since I experienced different things and felt a bit more like ‘a tourist’ in some ways😊

I hope this inspires you to travel or to take a look at these events if you are ever planning on going to Bretagne (Brittany)🇫🇷

La Fête de Cornouille happens once a year, every year in Quimper (Kemper), Bretagne. Much like Ireland, Bretagne has it’s own traditional dance, with it’s unique costumes and music!

The time I went, it was on Sunday, 27 of July🙈

Dancers from all different parts of Bretagne perform different dances while live music plays and the crowds cheer☄

People from all ages dance traditionally, which of course includes little kids and even babies👶🏻 Sadly, no matter how many times I tried, some of the photos I took of the dancers wouldn’t upload☹

All the dancers from different towns wear different outfits and dance to different music to stand out🌸 The atmosphere was great, everyone was full of energy and thankfully the weather was great too✨

Streets were packed with people from all over the region just to celebrate this special event💫 It was great to see different towns all do the same thing they love but with a little twist.

If you ever go to Bretagne during the summer, I would definitely recommend going to La Fête de Cornouaille in Quimper! I know my tickets say ‘Kemper’ but that’s the same as ‘Quimper’ but in the traditional language of Bretagne🙈

Thanks for reading💋
~I’ll be going back to school tomorrow so sorry in advance if I don’t post as much as it will be a busy year for me!~

Béline 🙂


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