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✨Nominations For 10 Things I’m Grateful For✨

Hello everyone🙈

I wanted to start something on WordPress, where bloggers can nominate or choose other bloggers to write a blog about the 10 things they are grateful for😌

I figured everyone appreciates different things and appreciate things differently and thought it would be interesting to read what other bloggers are grateful for.

The person I’d like to nominate is Sophie. When I first started this blog she definitely boosted my confidence to carry on blogging, not to mention she has a wonderful blog herself and is super friendly❤️ sophiesamantha.wordpress.com


1: My family. God knows where I’d be or how I’d even be here without my family❤️ They’ve raised me up, been there for me and are such great company!

2: I am seriously grateful for stationary. In fact, I don’t even know how I would stay sane without stationary. Why you might ask? When I’m down, happy or nervous, I pick up my pens and draw or write. Wether it’s writing a story, poems or drawing nonsense, notebooks, pens, different coloured tapes always made me even happier. In a way..stationary doesn’t let me down and is technically always there for me🌸

3: My friends😍 My friends and I go through the most wonderful experiences together aswell as the harder ones. As well as my family, they are always there for me. They are people I can trust and count on as well as having some fun💫

4: My dog Charlie🐶 Since the day my family and I got Charlie, we immediately fell in love with him. Nomatter what, Charlie will definitely always be the one thing that sill make me smile nomatter what I’m going through, and for that, I’m grateful💋

5: My education. I’m very grateful for the education I have gotten and am getting. Without the education I am getting, I wouldn’t be able to go to university and persue my dream💫

6: Dance👯 Dance is my saviour when I’m feeling upset and stressed. Dance knows exactly how to make me happy and cheer me up. I enjoy dancing so much and without it, I don’t know where I would have met some of my great friends. Dance let me experience what it’s like to work in the ‘real world’ and definitely gave me new challenges😌

7: I am grateful for all the writers out there who write the most amazing books, songs, blogs and poems. I feel inspired by so many different writers and reading their pieces keep me intruiged and interested in another life apart from mine💫

8: The people around me. I’m grateful for the people that surround me. Be it family, friends, strangers or the shopkeepers that know me because I constantly go into the same shops. The people and environment around me make me the person I am today. How I deal with situations, how I act towards others, where I get my inspiration from. 

9: MY PASSPORT! I am super grateful to have a passport! I wouldn’t be able to travel and live my dreams if I didn’t have one. I wouldn’t be able to persue my future dream of becoming a journalist without one either or see my friends and family❤️

10: The internet😌, because how would I be writing this and to who would I be writing this, if I didn’t have the internet?

Thanks for reading✨☄


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