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✈️My worst travelling nightmares coming true🚨

Hello everyone🙈

I recently travelled to Bretagne in France alone, to visit my friends and family😌 

It was my first time travelling like this alone being that I’m only 16 years of age, so I knew there would have been some complications along the way.

It’s fair to say it would have been much easier travelling from A to B by a plane and that’s it. Trip finished. But in reality, it was much harder, longer and stressful.

The problems started when I found out how I was going to get to my hometown in France, from my home in Ireland. 

Basically Bretagne (Brittany in English) covers the whole west of France.

I am from Clare in Ireland which is down here vv

Since I was arriving at the Dublin in Nantes, I had to go to Dublin airport, which is on the complete opposite side of the country.

To start my trip, I got up at 6am, had my breakfast, got dressed, put my luggage downstairs and got a lift to the bus stop in Limerick which took 10 minutes. Then I took a coach to go to Dublin which took around 3 HOURS! It was such a long, cold journey and it was very boring…

Once I arrived at the airport, I waited in the line to check-in for 10 minutes and then waited in the airport for a bit over another 3 hours…

Once I got into the plane, the plane moved a bit, then stopped, moved a bit and stopped again. In the end, the plane actually took off 40 minutes late.

The flight was 1 hour and 15 minutes. For the most part, I read a book and listened to music. 

When I arrived in Nantes, I had to go to Vannes & Quimper.

I took a taxi for a 10 minute trip to the train station. Then, I had to wait an hour to get onto the train. I was on the first train for 1 hour and my second train for 40 minutes.

Then, I arrived in Vannes. But to go to Quimper, that was another 2 hours away!

It’s very fair to say, I was exhausted…and to make it worse…I was carrying luggage that weighed so much! I had a hadnag, carry on and suitcase! 

But the worst part…was coming back to Ireland from France. I had to do that trip all over again with the sun burning my skin at 30 degrees and all my luggage weighed 40kg!!! My arms and shoulders were aching!

Once I was in the airport in Nantes, I read the screen saying my gate was number 37… So that was the gate I went to. Around 20 minutes later, I get a call from my grandma telling me they changed the gate. I didn’t quite believe her as the screen right infront of me still said ‘Dublin, 37’. So, I asked the man beside me if I was by the right gate (he was going to Dublin also) and he reassured me it was fine. 
Five minutes before boarding, I realise noone is getting up or queueing… The family beside me left to go to the bathroom and in no time, the man I was talking to came running saying the gate did infact change…. (I appreciate him coming back for me…It’s scary to think what would have happened if I never asked him in the first place..). 

Him and his family & myself run across the airport to the correct gate when I realise…I lost my passport and my plane tickets. I thought I left them behind at gate 37 while looking for my earbuds. I asked a family to take care of my luggage while I ran back to look for my stuff. Noone could help me as none of them spoke French or English. I went back empty handed. 

I looked around me and realised that everyone was speaking a different langauge and didn’t exactly look Irish..

(I found my passport and tickets later on thankfully with the help of other families)

But then I found out that the gate wasn’t even the correct gate and it was for a different country and that my flight got cancelled.

Basically everything I didn’t want to happen, happened.

I thought I would have felt helpless in a situation like that travelling alone, but everyone around me was so helpful and caring. 

Thankfully we got a later flight and I arrived home @10pm. Much later than I expected as I started travelling at around 8am and got up at 6! But I made it, and I was darn right proud that I dealt with the situation correctly.

Overall, it was an exciting but nerve-wrecking experience! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this!🌸✈️🇫🇷


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