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☄What it’s like to be a Lucid Dreamer☄

Hello everyone!🌸

Recently when I was answering the questions that the lovely Sophie Samantha asked me for the Liebster Award, I mentioned liking to Lucid Dream! I am sure many of you have heard of it but don’t exactly know much about it, or that many people don’t know about it at all! So today, I wanted to write about lucid dreaming, and what it’s like for me, as a lucid dreamer☄

If you have any questions, feel free to ask😀

First of all, I’d like to expalin simply, the meaning of lucid dreaming.

Basically, lucid dreaming is when someone is aware that they are dreaming and can control what they are dreaming about. They can remember their dreams and the dreams are generally so vivid, that lucid dreamers act their dream.

I personally can’t remember when or how I started lucid dreaming although I am nearly certain I was just born that way. Lucid dreaming means that I can control what I dream. So basically, if I wanted to marry Hugh Jackman and live in Japan (what goals😂😍), I could make it happen in my dream. I control every part of it. The setting, the people in my dream, the dialogue, every last bit of it. Because the dreams are so vivid, lucid dreamers act them out. For me, that means speaking the dialogue that’s actually being said in the dream. Sometimes I can physically act them out and for some people (not me), it can lead to sleep walking.

Lucid dreaming can be a great asset to how we live. For instance, one of my friends had a brother who kept having nightmares. To get rid of the nightmares, he went to a special place to learn and train how to lucid dream. Now because he can lucid dream (which means he controls his dreams), he no longer has nightmares.

I really love lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming helps me to write stories, it helps me choreograph my dance routines, helps me study and plan for my future. It’s also thrilling to feel like you’re actually living your dream and how you I decide what happens. Of course, sometimes I feel like not lucid dreaming and just getting proper-proper sleep, but I wouldn’t stop lucid dreaming for the world.

I have friends and known people who are so intruiged  by lucid dreaming and lucid dreamers and how something like this is even possible.

I found out I was lucid dreaming when I realised that 1: noone else in my family or my friends could remember their dreams… Unlike me, who can remember my dreams that have happened the night before, weeks, months and even years ago. & 2: My dreams were so vivid I was even acting them out, something else noone I knew could do.

I feel fortunate to be able to lucid dream and it makes me feel very creative💫🎨📝🤔

I hope you enjoyed reading this🌸✨


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