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🇫🇷The Attacks in Nice🇫🇷

Hello everyone!

For those who might not know, on the Bonne Fête Nationale (14th of July), a horrible attack was taken place in Nice (the south of France) at the end of a fireworks display. 84 people were killed, including 10 children and dozens more injured. Some of you might know that my nationality is French. And as a French citiizen, I think it’s very important to pray for the families who have been through this awful experience. I and my family have thankfully not been involved in this situation but of course it has gotten to me. It frustrates me as to how people can mentally think it’s an okay thing to kill people, regardless of what the reason i, be it revenge or radicilism.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time France and many other countries have been under attack. The fact that a French Tunisian (French habitant) did this, doesn’t make me -or anyone ashamed of France, our country. We are ashamed of how people act towards our country, our people and the country around us.

In the past couple years, hundreds of lives have been taken from the world. Countries are supposed to support, love, help eachother and I hope it’s something that will improve and become stronger as all we have is eachother.

If anyone you know has been hurt or bothered by this- be there for them and support them.

As this happened during a fireworks display, I thought I would put a quote I thought was suitable..

-‘Ils étaient venus admirer le ciel, et non pas le rejoindre’

-‘They came to admire the sky, and not to join it’

❤️🇫🇷Thank you🎆🎇


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