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2016 – 🔥La Fête de Saint-Jean🎆 :1


As I am back in France at the moment, I wanted to blog about the events that I have been going to and would like to share my experiences!

A few nights ago I went to the Fête de Saint-Jean, which translates to The Feast of Saint-Jean. This is celebrated on the first day of Summer.

The tradition is to have a big fire lit when it turns dark that night. Hundreds of people gather around the fire.

As the night goes on, the fire goes bigger. People buy crépes, chips and drink. As well as that, there are singers and musicians performing while the people (anyone who’s there) dance different traditional Brittany dancing (which is very fun may I just add) .

The atmoshpere is amazing, everyone is jolly, everyone is occupied.

When the fire stars to die, everyone gathers around and watches a long but unique and beautiful firework performance.

I would recommend going to this event (it isnt only celebrated in Bretagne/Brittany). The hours go by so quickly and it’s an overall fun night to go to!

Happy Summer✨


3 thoughts on “2016 – 🔥La Fête de Saint-Jean🎆 :1

  1. Hey, I probably could have just snapchatted you or whatever but at 6pm (BST) I have a post going up; ‘Liebster Award’. I nominated you to do it so I’m so excited to read your answers if you want to do it that is 🙂
    Love, Sophie X

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