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🙈One Lovely Blog Award🌸

Hello everyone🌸 Thank you so much to sazzpost.wordpress.com for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award😊 ⭐️Now for the facts!⭐️ 1: I can speak French, English & Irish fluently & I can speak at an okay-level in Russian, Dutch and Italian & speak poorly in Spanish & Chinese. 2: I have done a sign language course… Continue reading 🙈One Lovely Blog Award🌸

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☘Travel to Cork🇮🇪☘

Hello everyone! Recently, my family and I went to Cork, which I have to say is one of my favourite cities😍 When we arrived in Cork, we were alll starviiinngg, so we decided to take a quick tour around and then have lunch! It was hard to find a place to eat as there were… Continue reading ☘Travel to Cork🇮🇪☘

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✈️ Travel to Ireland🍀 What a day out in Limerick was like🇮🇪

Hello everyone🌸 On Sunday, my uncle & aunt (on my mom’s side (French)) arrived in Cork, which is around 1.5->2 hours away from where I live🌝🌿 They are staying at ours for two weeks so we are trying to do as much as we can and make the most of their stay🤗 Today, the weather… Continue reading ✈️ Travel to Ireland🍀 What a day out in Limerick was like🇮🇪

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👀👃🏻5 Senses Tag👅👂🏼🖐🏻

Hello everyone!😀 I’m so thankful for being tagged by the lovely sophiesamantha.wordpress.com & gingerful.wordpress.com for tagging me😊🤗 The rules for the 5 Senses Tag are: 1: You have to thank the person/people who nominated you😌 2: You have to write five things for each of the five senses 3: Nominate five other bloggers😊 👂🏼Sounds👂🏼 Hearing the rain pitter… Continue reading 👀👃🏻5 Senses Tag👅👂🏼🖐🏻

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👙Summer swimming suits👙

Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that it’s finally starting to feel like summer! I had a really hot week with the temperature rising up to 32 degrees☀️ although I personally find that too hot!! But for Ireland, I’ll take anything I can get😊 I have four different types of swiming suits, no more than… Continue reading 👙Summer swimming suits👙

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✈️Something I want to say about travelling…✈️

Hello everyone! I recently read a blog that in my opinion was slightly offending (I took it personally). I am not saying that this blogger is a complete horrible person and we should all hate this person for writing that. Just like me, we all have our opinions. The issue I found, was that this was not an… Continue reading ✈️Something I want to say about travelling…✈️

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2016- 🏙A day with my cousin in Quimper🌆 :2

Hello everyone🌸 This is the second part to my travelling blogs in France😌🇫🇷 The last blog I put up (:1) was about La Fête de Saint-Jean, which was also in Quimper🙈 Quimper is my hometown and it was so great to be able to relax and also go out with my family and friends! One… Continue reading 2016- 🏙A day with my cousin in Quimper🌆 :2